Our time in Thailand is almost over. My wife and I have been busy at the farm. My plan was to get back to Thailand and take it easy—best laid plans and all that. We’ve both had a great time and can’t decide if we’re excited to go back to the States or not. Time will tell. I’ve made up my mind that if things get crazy or my mind wanders then it’s back to Thailand for us. I may make my way back via sailboat.

My mind and body have been recharging and relaxing. That’s not how it had been in our nearly yearlong stay in the States, but I’ve made some decisions that will hopefully carry over when we return. One thing I did quite early in our visit is stop smoking. Notice I didn’t say quit. We’ll see how it goes in the States, but I’m in the right frame of mind now.

Two of my many projects

Two of my many projects

My wife and I are looking forward to getting back to the ocean and do some fishing. We have two small ponds on our farm where we raise fish. I enjoy watching my wife try and net some for supper, but being near the ocean is what I need.

Julee gathering supper and having fun

Julee gathering supper and having fun

We’ve gotten along with Julee’s family better than we ever have before. I’m not sure if it’s the knowing we’ll be leaving again or we’re just so happy to visit family without the stress. It’s been fun. My brother-in-law is a hoot. He’s in his 70’s and I can’t keep up with him. His fashion sense is impeccable, as you can see from the photo( mine needs a bit of work).  He’ll be looking after things while we are away. We’ve given him a few acres to plant as thanks for helping out. We can’t stop him from working so we thought that letting him plant tapioca will do him good. Not too labor intensive, but just enough to keep you moving. And the profit is all his. He’s a happy man.

Brother-in-law and me

Brother-in-law and me

It will be good to get back to the high speed world so I can watch Youtube without waiting and of course fishing, working on my boat, looking for a sailboat, American TV, Mexican food and well, that’s about it.

Here’s just a few pics from our visit. Enjoy

Nephew and son helping out

Nephew and son helping out


Niece and her grandchild

Niece and her grandchild


Dream a little dream

Dream a little dream

31 responses to “THAILAND TIME

  1. Oh no, Dannie, 😦 You’re leaving Thailand?

    I know it’s a decision you did not come to easily, my dear man. I suppose I look at the weather, the beauty, and the people of Thailand when I’m living in the west, and it all seems so lovely. Living there, where you were, was probably a different experience. Though wonderful, I can understand it lacked the ‘American’ things you missed.

    I have so loved all your stories about Thailand, your life on the farm, your driving experiences, and the wonderful pictures of you and your family. Please continue writing, Dannie, no matter where you are.


    • Doesn’t make much sense does it? I want to reconnect with family back in the States and I can’t decide if I should think of going back as a visit or a move. Time will tell. I do hope to keep writing and I need to continue writing novels of only to keep me on track. You’ve always been a great support and I am excited about you new novel that’s coming soon!

  2. Congrats on quitting–I mean stopping–smoking, my friend. It’s also great to see you writing about life in Thailand again. I agree with Eden. No matter where you are, never stop writing and sharing your stories with the world. Maybe we’ll read a story about a sailing trip soon.



    • Thank you, Rob. I really don’t know why I started smoking– only been doing it for a few years. I know how bad it is, but it ain’t easy, ha! I’ll return to Thailand, you can bet on that, but for now the States and now Florida will have my full attention.

      Of all the things I would like, it is to write sailing stories! We’ll see.

    • Thank you so much for visiting, Suletta. I enjoy your website so much and I love learning about South Africa. Yes, time and good times pass so quickly and it’s time I got off my behind and get busy. There may come a time when you hear from me in Cape Town or Durban. It would be great to meet you and Kobus. I hope I spelled his name correctly. You have a great life!

  3. Take time before making decision, and if you decide on giving USA a try then leave arrangements for any chance return.

    I too have felt that you love Thailand very much! all the best for anything that you decide!

  4. Lovely pictures, Dannie.

    It’s wonderful that you have such a great choice. America or Thailand – you’re spoilt! I’d love to have this choice, as I am sure I’d enjoy living in both countries. Of what I did see in America, I loved it, and as for Thailand, I know I’d enjoy visiting one day!

    I’m sure whatever decision you make, it will be best for you and Julee. Take care & thanks for sharing!

    • Ha! You are so right, Junying. I forget that my choices are both great. I hope I don’t give the impression that I don’t love America, because I do. I just find my body and mind enjoy Thailand so much.

      I am spoilt. I would love to visit your home country too

  5. Very interesting post Danny. I can see your struggle to live in an exotic land versus be in your own country. Having been back in the US for eight months now has been great for me. I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to Mexico to live, but I will certainly visit. While I miss my friends, the beautiful ocean and the warmth being here this winter was exciting. Wisconsin got one of the worst winters in history and we enjoyed every minute. It’ll work out no matter what you decide, just keep writing!

    • Thank you, Linda. I didn’t know you had moved back… and you liked the Winter in Wisconsin? I sometimes miss the cold, but not that much, ha. It is great having choices and it make life exciting. Thanks for visiting. If I had your talent writing would be no problem.

  6. Oh, Dannie! I am so excited! We are still trying to sell our house, but as soon as that happens, we are moving to the coast. Either the OBX of NC or St. Simon’s Island, GA. We have had our house on the market for three years, so we are not expecting it to fly off the market anytime soon, but we have dropped our asking price. The house has no comparables; it is a unique, historic property. Built in 1900, 3 bedrooms, 1-1/2 bathrooms, approximately 2,000 s.f. The kitchen was completely gutted and redone, with stainless steel appliances, gas stove/oven. The large attic space was finished off and made into an artist’s studio – Ashley’s dream room. It can be used for anything, though. It’s a beautiful bright room. New heat pump for air conditioning and heat. There are three fireplaces, but they are not used. It was suggested that we have them lined before using them, and that was an expense we decided not to make. A wood- burning stove insert is in the living room, which can still be used if the new owner decides they want to make the chimneys safe and functioning again. We bumped out the dining room exterior wall to make the room large enough for the dining room furniture we inherited from my parents. We added French doors, and created a deck off those doors, which adds another pretty outdoor space. There is about an acre of land, with a small portion of the property across our street fronting the Little Pigeon river. It is a gorgeous spot. The house is in Waynesville, just off of Interstate 40. Makes it easily accessible to TN, (west) and to the east is Asheville. The house sits at the base of Cataloochee mountain, part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and an area that several years ago was set aside as an area to reintroduce the elk to this part of the country again. They had been completely wiped out this side of the Rockies by over hunting, population, etc. They are flourishing beautifully (and driving some of the local farmers/gardeners crazy!), and are truly magnificent creatures. As you can tell, we LOVE our house. We don’t really have to sell, and initially we had decided to sell it in order to get a bit closer into town. Since our sons lived on the OBX or near there, and of course our grandchild there too, that was the main reason we considered getting a smaller house here and also getting a little place on or near the OBX so we could be closer to them on occasion.

    Our plans have changed. For one thing, our son Matt (father of our Zoe), was devastated by the crumbling of his marriage. Needless to say we are heartbroken. It is a very complicated issue, and way too long a story to relate to you now, but Suddie has taken Zoe to Kentucky to live with Suddie’s (our daughter-in-love’s) father. Matt has been heroically struggling to earn enough money to keep them afloat. Since she left him, Matt has accepted his brother’s offer to come and live with him in Chicago, where he more likely will be able to find a job in his field (he has two degrees in finance and administration). While he searches he will pick up a job as a bartender or server. He has tons of experience in both, as well as restaurant management. He will be closer to Zoe out there, too. Louisville is much closer to Chicago than Nags Head! We have so far managed to maintain a good relationship with Suddie, so we hope to be allowed to visit our granddaughter. We will always love Suddie, she is a terrific Mom, but she has had a difficult life, and has never understood the concept of unconditional love; nor has she yet learned that happiness is a choice, and that she has consistently made the choice to be unhappy. It is absolutely heartbreaking to witness – to have to stand and watch and be unable to do a thing about it. Little Zoe is very confused right now, and does not understand what is going on. Little does she know that nobody else does, either. It hurts so deeply.

    So! Why on earth has she written this sales brochure and novel for me, you ask? Not because we are trying to sell you our house. I mean if you want it, ($219,900), come and get it; but I’m giving you the lowdown so you know that when you get out this way, you and Julee have a place to stay for a while, (we have tons of room), and we will be either here in the mountains or on the coast – both of which are places I know you enjoy! It truly would be great to meet you, to sit and really chat with a fellow accomplished writer. Maybe our Josh can come when you are here and brush up on his Thai. He misses Thailand so much! BTW, he and Sarah, his fiancee, are getting married on May 3. We are excited and looking forward to it. It will be a Scottish/Celtic affair – all the men in the kilts, etc., but to honor Sarah’s maternal grandfather, who was Jewish, they will be married under a chuppah! Plus, Ashley will have the joy and privilege of performing the marriage. It will be fun!

    So you are now the receiver of the most info available on me at the moment! My blogs are getting short shrift because I am working on a couple of narrative poems, and there is only so much time in a day, as you know.

    Have safe travels, journeying mercies, and as always, I wish you enough. . .

    • Paula. You could never write too much! I love hearing from you but am sadden by the happenings of your son and daughter-in-law. I can only imagine the pain the breakup causes. I’ve seen in your words and blog how you love Zoe. I feel for all of you. Marriage is so difficult in an age where it means so little to so many.

      We’re heading to the ocean and we’ve already bought a house near the Atlantic in Florida– Julee refuses to put of with the cold and I do miss the ocean.
      I hope you are able to sell you house. I’ve seen pictures of it and the garden with the mountains all around. It would be a dream house.

      I would really enjoy seeing Josh get married. I could put on my Thai kilt, LOL. We will try to get up your way for a visit. I have family in Asheville.

      You have one of the most talented poets I know and I do enjoy all your post. You and your family are in my prayers.

  7. Thank you, Dannie! Prayer is desired and needed. I am glad you found a house. Ashley is a native Floridian, but left LONG ago, and has no desire to live there again. It gets and stays way too hot for him. I prefer the Gulf coast of Florida, but I’m like you and enjoy the ocean wherever it is! I will miss the mountains, but there are tradeoffs wherever you live. We are both happy to be wherever we are. We have been blessed beyond imagination. What I left out in my tome is that the reason we feel we need to move is for Ashley’s health. He battles asthma, and this part of the country is one of the worst environments for folks with asthma. His doctors have said the coast is the best place to be, so ironically, when our family members are leaving there, we are going there! Oh well, at least we will be living in an area they love, and are likely to visit.

    St. Simon’s Island will be a fairly short hop for you from Florida, depending on how far south you will be living. It’s a long state! The OBX are not too much farther up the coast from St. Simon’s. And, if we are still here in the mountains, please come visit when you come to Asheville. We go there frequently – it’s only a half-hour away. Sounds like you are getting ready for the move. Hope it goes smoothly. Will you be leaving lots of your family members behind? We live in a world where long distance traveling is possible. It’s a wonderful privilege, but the disadvantage is that it seems to carry us so far away from each other. I am a person who doesn’t really care where I live as long as my family is close by. That has not always been the case for us, so I have had to learn to be happy even in our empty nest. Family reunions are my favorite thing!

    Thanks for your kind words about my poetry and blog. I do love doing them. I am counting on a visit when you come stateside. REALLY!

    Enough. . .


  8. I always love hearing about your time in Thailand. As you mention, it seems to be the place where you recharge, but hopefully you can bring that to the U.S. or at least recharge on the ocean when you sail or fish. I recharge when I garden – a pastime I discovered as a student in London when I only had a small window box to work with and luckily am able to to cultivate now that we have a real garden 🙂 Bon voyage my friend!

    • Thank you, Letizia. I always enjoy hearing from you. Gardening is also way for me to relax although my wife does most of the hard work. Sitting in a boat or just feeling a fresh sea breeze also does it for me. I guess I made this post a bit morose, but it is out of fear of the ‘unknown’. I’ve enjoyed my 10 years in Thailand and do intend to return from time to time, I also look forward to my time in the States and hope my writing will get a kick start. I need your attitude with my blog. Always upbeat and interesting!

  9. Best wishes to you, Dannie! Thailand seems like such a magical place, and clearly it is if it can recharge and inspire you in such a way. As Letizia mentioned above, bring that spirit with you to the States. We can be the best versions of ourselves no matter where we are as long as we keep working at it.

    • Thank you for visiting, Britt. Keep working at it– that’s the hard part for me, but I do try. I’m already feeling the pressures of the States, but as I’ve been told, I’m spoiled, lol. All I have to do is look at the quality of people making comments on this post and it makes me smile.

    • It’s so good of you to visit, Karen. I do enjoy your blog. I think the difference between Thailand and the States is in my mind more than in reality. There are many similarities but for me it’s just a place to unwind– even with the crazy traffic and nuts like me behind the wheel.

  10. Your stories of Thailand Dannie are magical. It seems your decision to return is well thought out but your love of Thailand is obvious and most likely will call you back in the future like a lover left behind. Enjoy your visit to the states and wherever the future may take you 🙂

    • Dorianna. Thank you so much for your kind words. It is true, I thought long and hard about this move and as I sit here in the place of my choosing I wonder. There is no doubt I will return. For the first time my muse has decided that I will write a novel about life in Thailand through the eyes of someone who doesn’t belong but can’t leave. I hope I can complete it.

      And I’ve just went to your website and fell in love with your poem and the singing voice of Stephanie Matos. The words are still with me. Thank you

      • Delighted you visited Dannie..thank you. It was a privilege to work with Stephanie and Evan, both tremendous artists. Thanks again for stopping by and best of luck to you in your return to the states. 🙂

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