About Me

I am a writer with three published books, In Search of a Soul, Tyler Hill’s Decision, and a new Fantasy, Outer World Prairie.

I grew up in the South, in North Carolina but have lived in many places in the States and around the world. I now live in Thailand with my wife. We have a small farm where we grow corn, tapioca, mangoes, bananas, vegetables and many kinds of strange tropical fruits.

Living in Thailand gives me the time I need to write, read and explore this exotic world filled with wonderful people.

I’ve also lived in the Marshall Islands, Budapest, Viet Nam and visited all over Asia, built a church in Brazil, and learned to love the people of the world.

Join me as I post about a writer’s life in Thailand and other stories from places I’ve been. Make comments and asked me anything!

I love to sail, ride motorcycles, meet the rural people of Thailand and most of all write.

I have three wonderful, grown children and three grandchildren and that is what I am most proud of!

My publishing website is: Small Mountain Publishing

31 responses to “About Me

    • Hi Bob, Sorry you took it that way. Yes, I was rude, but just trying to make a small point that many of us want to learn from you and read each blog you put out. It just gets a bit tiring when one needs to weed through the promo to when trying to learn. Sorry for my sharp words.

      Really happy you visited my site. Hope you enjoyed my post. Very best of luck with all your books and sells!

      • Emma. Out in the country- the rural areas- it’s like stepping back in time, which I love. We are planning a trip back to the States this month to look for a house in SE Florida. Not sure I can fit into the fast paced world, but being near the ocean and hopefully getting another sailboat’ for my getaways’ will help. The good news is we’re not selling our farm so if it gets too bad I have an escape. Thanks so much for visiting.

  1. Hi Dannie,

    Sorry I’m responding VERY late to your Comment on Eden’s January blog post/interview. Would love to hook up sometime in Thailand once I’ve finished my ‘porridge’ in Dubai. You can find me on Twitter @JohnDolanAuthor and you should have my email address and blog with this Comment.

    Hoping 2013 is treating you well thus far!



    PS I’m also on Goodreads – are you there?

    • Hi John,

      Right now I’m in the States, bur hope to be back in Thailand by July. Would enjoy meeting and talking to you. I’ll certainly look you up on Twitter. My internet is a once a day affair at this time but am getting connected this week– I hope.

  2. Hello Dannie,

    Actually came across your blog quite by accident. I was doing a bit of research for my blog and found yours. I see that you are a accomplished writer and living in Thailand. Myself, I love to write but haven’t been published (yet). I’m currently living in Russia, quite opposite of Thailand. I do something a bit different, I like linking my blog to other blogs via what I call “Mirror Reflections” after exploring your blog I’d be honored if you would allow me to link to yours, through a pingback. You are more than welcome to visit my blog and see if it’s something you’d like to do. What I do is look for expats blogging as I do, then find commonalities between the two countries. Currently I’ve linked to over 60 countries and looking for more all the time. Linking to expats is a little newer as you will find as it’s been an evolution of sorts. So if you are interested please let me know. Thanks Steve.

    • Although I’ve been lacks in my blogging of late I do intend to get it started again. I am in the States for a while but will be going back to Thailand soon. Russians have a large presence in many of the resort areas of Thailand.

      If you would like to link to my blog I have no objections. I did take a look at your blog and found it interesting and well-done.

      • Thanks Danni,

        Appreciate it. Also think I might learn a thing or two about writing from you. That is if you don’t mind sharing? Anyway I will have the post up soon, take a look.

    • It took many years to do the things I’ve done and to me they’re not all that impressive. I really have enjoyed your post. They make me think and that’s not an easy accomplishment, ha! Thank you for dropping by Ste J

      • I am glad to be able to stimulate the gooey brain matter. Had it been for my own blog it may have been a little rougher as I like to post a decent amount but I added special thought as the quality of Letizia’s posts are high. It is a pleasure to go there and also here, consider yourself bookmarked but not in a sinister way.

  3. I think I’m really going to enjoy reading about your adventurous life.
    The books In Search of a Soul and Death’s door speak to me. They’re on my list..hopefully I’ll get to them 😉
    I’ve lived in North Carolina about 15 years ago and traveled to Thailand and the Far East a number of times for my job at the time. Absolutely looooove Thai food. My favorite!! And the people too of course, very nice and sincere people.
    Recently moved from Boston to Texas.. but I originally come from Belgium.
    Pleasure meeting you, Dannie and looking forward to share the journey

    • I do hope you get the chance to read the books. Two completely different styles. Wow!
      You’ve really been around and your life sounds much more adventurist than mine. I’ve met several people from Belgium and I must say they are wonderful to be around.

  4. I read Death’s Door some time ago; even tho it was not my usual topic of interest I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I guess I need to read another. I miss your colorful articles about Thailand…makes me wish I was there but through your eyes I feel like I have traveled there. I appreciate your many visits to my blog, Dannie.

    • Thank you so much for reading my book. I really enjoy your poetry and words. I do need to write more about my life in Thailand. I moved back to the States to help care for my mom and my muse stayed in Thailand. I can’t seem to do much in the writing department, but took up fishing offshore and am stocking up on stories. I’ll be going back to Thailand soon if only for a visit. Please read more of my book. No two are alike. Enjoy

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