Guest Post in South Africa!

I’ve done a guest post and traveled all the way to South Africa. A place I’ve always wanted to visit. My good friend Sandra Valente, @BookWormSans , has a great site for anyone interested in great books to read and to read very interesting guest post… Sandra asked me to write about anything I like and I’ve chosen the one subject I can’t stop talking about. How much I love Readers! My favorite people!

I think you’ll enjoy the post and I know you’ll enjoy meeting Sandra at her great site. Please join me and comment– even if it’s about me making a guest post when I hardly post at my own site. I hope that changes soon!

Guest Post at SSBookFanatics


Update of Joshua’s battle- Indie Author’s Unite for Joshua

The Joshua tree

The Joshua tree

Here is the latest update from Indie author Maxwell Cynn on the struggle his son Joshua is going through as he fights a terrible disease. Joshua is winning but still has some major struggles to come.

The fund raiser for Joshua ends this month and we’re almost at the goal set. Read the following letter Max sent out and put Joshua in your thoughts! Everything you do helps Joshua’s mind, body and spirit! Feel the love. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

Please visit and help if you can. You are loved.

Keep Tweeting, Posting, Praying and tell all your friends to lend a hand for Joshua!

Don’t forget to use the Twitter tag line #IndiesUnite4Joshua

From Maxwell Cynn:

Joshua is nearly half-way through the main course of his chemotherapy treatment. He survived the initial, intensive assault against the cancer, known as “Induction.” It stopped his heart, caused his kidneys to fail, and made his hair fall out, but he survived. And he’s been kicking leukemia’s ass. 

The last couple of months he’s been in “Consolidation.” The chemo has continued, but he’s back home – going to the clinic for treatment several days a week. My wife and I have gone back to work. She works nights, I work days so someone is always with Joshua. She takes him to treatment, I cook us dinner or take him to his favorite burger joint (I even let him drive, if he’s up to it). 

Life has taken on a type of new normal, bizarre in a way, but constant. My wife learned to hook Joshua up to an IV at home – he had an infection that required intravenous antibiotics twice a day – and I’ve learned more about cancer, chemotherapy, and medical procedures than I ever wanted to know. But I’ve also met a lot of really amazing people, both online and off. 

Indies Unite for Joshua has supplied Joshua, and our family with much more than monetary resources – though a lot of doctors wouldn’t be getting paid right now if it wasn’t for the generous donations received so far. Indies Unite for Joshua has offered us love, support, and much needed encouragement. 

In May Joshua will return to the hospital for the next, more intense phase of treatment – eight to ten weeks of high dose chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Some time in August, if there are no complications, he will again be home and we will try to direct our lives back into some type of normal. Joshua will have three more years of treatment, and five years of monitoring against the return of leukemia, but he will be able to return to school in the winter and graduate in the spring. 

The many blog posts about Joshua’s struggle, and even passing tweets, have meant the world to me. 140 characters can turn a hard day into a bearable one, or drive away the darkness of depression with a few words of encouragement. The #IndiesUnite4Joshua stream on Twitter has kept me going. Now some of my friends are posting videos! I have no words. You can not imagine what a morale boost a song, a few words, or an awesome puppet can be. All that love will hold us up long after the IndieGoGo campaign ends May 30th.

Please, keep tweeting, posting, and sharing. And enjoy the vids!