Isn’t there something about a story that touches you deep in your soul in a genuine way? You know the ones I’m talking about. Some books and movies put you on the receiving end of heart words or they make you wish—make you want—to be the one standing there and listening to the love of your life saying, “I love you, I need you”.

For me a book just doesn’t have that, I’ll never forget this book touch unless there are true feelings between two people or characters. The love can be physical or platonic. I’m a romantic and I keep wondering what happened to me. I mean, I’m a guy and I’m not supposed to fall for these kinds of books and movies.

I do enjoy action, thrillers, fantasies—which often have those scenes I crave—and most any genre for a good read and to see how an author pulls it all together. But my most memorable reads are heart touching books with heart words that leave me smiling or even crying. Yes, I have been known to cry. Not often. How ’bout them Bears!

I read that Nicholas Sparks was given a hard time for being a man and writing romance novel by his fellow writers. Having sold millions of copies of his books I would think that no one could or would give him a bad time now.

Is it hard to write scene that touch a reader and possibly leave them with tears or a smile? If you write it like you are there and say it the way you would like to hear it and don’t be restricted by a stone hard plot line, then the answer is yes. I believe any genre of books need something to touch the reader in the heart even in the most desperate of situations. I’ve known men; tough ones, who would never be caught crying or showing their sensitive side get up and leave the room when heart words find them. That’s a good thing to know that these harden, straight line people know what it means to feel.

Several years ago I wrote a book for my grandson to try and help him through the hard times of his life to come. I have tried on a number of occasions to read it aloud to my wife and others and I just can’t do it. I guess I’m a sap for heart words.

What does it take to make a book unforgettable for you?

Every person out there is the rarest of all diamonds- Nicholas Sparks

Tyler Hill's Decision newest book cover - 12-07-11

 Tyler Hill’s Decision


Dive Bombers of Seattle

I’ve recently read BRITT SKRABANEK’s blog about a visit she took recently to Seattle and it brought back memories of some funny trips I’ve taken there. I’ve been to Seattle several times with my family to enjoy the people, sights and sound of a great city by the sea.

Of course we went to all the must see sights but also went to a few out of the way places. It seems every time I go somewhere I have odd experiences that are funny—to me—and they always bring a smile.



My kids were young at the time of our first visit and we started off in the pier area. I decided we would walk up to Pike’s Market and found a long stairway up to the next street level. We were about halfway up when my oldest son grabbed my arm and said, “Daddy. There’s a dead man down there!” My younger son and daughter agreed, so I stopped the precession and made my way down to the bottom hoping I wouldn’t find what my son thought he saw. I looked around and found no one that might be dead and my son yelled down, “Under the steps.”

I went around under the steps and there was a man sleeping, I hoped. I called out to him and he mumbled a few disparaging words, which was a great relief. He tightened his grip on his bottle of wine and went back to sleep. I left him with a few dollars and laughed as I re-climbed the stairs. I told my son. “It’s okay. He’s not dead, but he will feel like it when he wakes up.”

After visiting the market and watching the workers throw big fish to one another we made our way to the park at the end of the street. Here was my second surprise. There were a number of homeless people and they were all of Asian descent. I was amazed. For some reason it never occurred to me that there were Asians who were homeless. I’m from the South and at the time Asian weren’t that common. Yes, my wife is from Thailand but 2 and 2 does not always equal 4 with me.

Throwing fish at the market

Throwing fish at the market

Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier

They were a happy group and my kids went over to see what they were doing. They treated my children as part of the family and I had to drag them away to go on to our next adventure. We all waved as we left.

On a company trip I had been working for 36 hours straight and I was tired. So I went outside to look around and it was so foggy I couldn’t see five feet away. A big blob flew passed my head missing me by only a few feet and I ducked, wondering if they threw fish in the fog. As I stood up another blob whizzed by but this time I caught a glimpse of it. It was a seagull! I found out that they fly low to the ground when the fog is so thick. Sounds kind of dangerous for either party.

Fog in Seattle

Fog in Seattle

Seattle is one of my favorite places to visit. There are days so clear Mount Rainier seems close enough to touch and the sea shimmers in the bay. There are also many days of rain and fog and it’s like exploring the unknown as you go forth on your adventure. And the seafood is wonderful.

Check out Britt’s blog. She’s a very nice person to know and quite talented!

All photo’s were borrowed from the internet for this blog only.

Have you had any crazy things happen while in a strange place?

Back Home?

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything since March of this year and people are still following me. Thank you all.

My wonderful wife and I purchased a house in South Florida July of last year and tried to settle in to Floridian life. Julee took to it with a smile and a feeling of ownership. One of her goals has been to have her name on property in the States, if only to show others that she is an American. The concept is a bit foreign—no pun intended—to me, but I’ve learned that when she’s happy I’m happy.

After 10 years in Thailand I too was ready to try life back in the States, but not with her zeal. To be honest, it didn’t work for me. Please understand that I love America and the people. One thing I missed in Thailand was the diversity of people that the States offer. I just couldn’t get my head around all the… rules of engagement and so I slowly slipped back into my hole, looking for the day I returned to Thailand. This post is a bit of a rehash of a previous one, but I do hope you’ll forgive me as I learn to blog again.

Well, we made it back to Thailand for three months and it was pure joy for me. For my wife, not so much. The weight of the world—and family— came off my shoulders. But as intended it was only a visit. I stepped off the plane back in the States and the bad leaped at me. I sought my hole, but my wife wouldn’t allow it.

It’s been four months now and I finally have found enjoyment with all the rules of play, family, expenses and those damn taxes, insurance, cable TV and the rest. I’ve also broke my addiction of watching TV too much. The best news is I’ve finally started writing again and it feels good. It may not be good writing but it’s good for me. I’m still an early morning writer which interferes with fishing, but I can do both—just not at the same time.

My first starfish

My first starfish

Big Snook

Big Snook

At the beach with our daughter at the beach

At the beach with our daughter at the beach

My blogging friends and fellow writers have been an inspiration to me and several have published new books that I hope to help promote in the coming days. Eden Baylee and Britt Skrabanek are two writers that will impress you with their talent.

I’m amazed at the people I’ve come to know through social media. All of you who read this simple blog have filled in the hole and I’ve thrown away the  shovel!

sas_2kindle Nola Fran Evie Cover Large

I’ll also be promoting my latest book as well. Not that many readers, so far, but it’s a great story with great reviews, take a look.

I hope those that follow my blog will continue and I’ll try to do my happy blogs.

About a few of the pictures of me holding fish. First, the big one was released and second; it isn’t cold. One friend commented that she didn’t know it was so cold in Florida, ha! It’s my Thai style sunblock. That day reached 95 degrees. I had no idea you can catch starfish with a hook. They’re a bit crunchy as sushi–joke.