NEW YEAR’S Resolution and the bird

For our New Year’s resolution I decided that Julee and I would eat only one piece of fruit for the first week of January. The picture is me—straining—to hold the jackfruit long enough to get a photo and my beautiful wife. It is from one of our trees at our little farm.

Dannie, Julee and a Jackfruit1

Many times I sit by my small pond to think and to watch nature. Lately I’ve had a Kingfisher come and visit, but was never able to get a picture of it. It always showed me his beautiful orange breast, but when he flies to capture a small fish he is a magnificent iridescent blue.

On Christmas day he joined me at the pond and waited until I ran back to grab my camera and then posed for a few pictures. This time he showed me his back and front. This Kingfisher is very small. Most Kingfisher I see are twice his size. Enjoy.