Celebrating in Thailand



While my friend Eden was off in Jamaica having a great time in the sun and the surf we were harvesting fish from our two small ponds on the farm.

Fish gathering12 2912

Most of the village showed up for the fun. Thais love to gather for ‘sanuk’ (fun) and enjoy the day gathering fish. The kids ran everywhere catching baby fish to take home to put in a container to raise and just laugh.

Fish gathering10 2012

The fish in one pond were a bit small but as we are planning a trip back to the States soon we wanted to sell what we could before we leave. And New Year’s is the perfect time for this.

Fish gathering13 2912

The men threw nets for hours. Thais don’t like to leave anything behind when they gather food. I was very surprised to see how any fish evade their efforts a few days later. I hope you can feel the fun with these pictures.

Fish gathering11 2912

We build a small fire and cooked a number of fish fresh from the pond. This all took place during the ‘Pi Mai’ (New Year) celebration and I had a great time just watching the families.

Fish gathering6 2012

A little 'white lightning' and grilled fish

A little ‘white lightning’ and grilled fish

It's all fun.