Facts and Fiction

Me and my very tall Children

As with everything I do it’s like running through molasses. I want to go fast– but there’s so much to do. On this page you can check out my shorts… stories, Ha! I may try a few interviews with a twist. If this works there will be a celebration at 6:00– drinks on me.  It’s a known fact that I love women. Not as playthings but for their talent and smiles, but every now and then… Yes, dear… I’ll behave. Anyway, please enjoy this new page!

3 responses to “Facts and Fiction

  1. Dannie:

    Indies Unite for Joshua say I qualify to receive an autographed copy of Outer World Prairie. Please inscribe it to Raymond Bolton and if you’ll give me your email, I’ll provide my address. You may correspond with me through the Contact page on my website: http://www.raymondbolton.com Many thanks. BTW, you can also check out some of my writing on the Books page.

    Oh! And if I can figure out how to get to wherever it is you are, I’ll buy the first round. Single malt for me. 😀

  2. Dannie, I got a load of email from Jim Burchell about you. I just ordered the ebook Deaths Door. Live long and enjoy it all.
    Inspector Chet Atkins DAL

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