My Muse



My muse is delicate, needful, loving, punishing.
She often sits on my shoulder wearing a sheer wrap,
inciting me.
When I abide in other than her will, a wraith swirls,
watching my every move; coaxing my thoughts.
She has no time for other than her wants.
What reason could I have to ignore her?

I bend—bow—to thoughts piercing my dreams and she smiles.
Knowing I am hers.
My mind becomes that of a child,
I feel her warm touches of contentment.
Words, plots, characters, dance to my fingertips,
leading to I know not where,
but with confidence as my muse smiles.
Open mind with only a guide that brings words,
and shuts the world away.
I live, breathe, feel and need, only my words,
that my muse cuddles and sends with happiness.
I am hers, she is mine, we are together
in a world of our own making.

When all is complete
and I must turn to others to finish my task.
She pouts and grumbles but gives time,
Oh, so little time.
She will leave and not watch her servant
while he does what he must, for her.
But only for a beat in time.
I feel her impatience to be on the hunt again.
I give in.

14 responses to “My MUSE

    • Thank you, Laura. So great to hear from you. I love poetry and I’m the first to admit I’m no poet. I enjoy putting my thoughts in different forms and I think poetry helps with my writing.

  1. Dannie, where have you been hiding this talent of yours? I admit poetry is a wonderful way to re-organize the brain cells and give a kickstart to one’s prose.

    Beautiful words, honey,


    • You know, Eden. A man has to have a few secrets, lol. I enjoy poetry for the power it gives words. It does help in writing, giving order and movement to prose! Thank you for you kind words. They mean much to me!

  2. This is a beautifully written and accurate description of the power of the muse upon we who answer to the beckoning call of this spirit. Little did we know when we first began what we had gotten ourselves into! Yet for all of the frustration and tears, we are richly rewarded in this creative partnership (?) with such joy! I wouldn’t have it any other way and obviously, neither would you! Your poetic rendition here has truly captured the spirit and essence of she who entices and rules over we mere mortals. I can hear mine chuckling now and rubbing her hands together with a glint in her eye. Its time to go to work/play! I just had to stop in to give you a hug and the praise this piece deserves. Well done, Dannie!

    • Thank you, Virginia. For your kind words and the hug! A muse is a powerful ally and provider as long as we give her control. I have a companion in my darkest hours that returns me to the light. I’m so happy you like the poem!

  3. Oh, Dannie! I love this! I wish your muse would speak to mine! She seems so much more organized than my Poly! Does your muse ever get drunk, like Poly does?

    All kidding aside, this is a lovely poem, and I really love the feel that it evokes, and the understanding behind it of the creative process.

    Glad to read some of YOUR poetry for a change! 😆

    • I am humbled, Paula! Yes, my muse does celebrate and draws me into the fun from time to time. I’m jealous yours has given you her name. Mine only smiles that thin lipped smile of secrets when I ask.

      I do love poetry but it’s best when I read someone elses poems. Poems like you write!

    • Thank you so much, Kelly! I do love poetry but make no claims about my ability to write poems. It’s fun and helps my prose and it lets me feel the words. I’m so happy you like this little poem. If I had any control over my muse I would send her your way. She may be listening.

  4. Well, Dannie, I see that you aren’t only capable of writing amazing stories, but you are fab at poems, too. You’ve told me about your muse, yet this is so much more. Love it. 🙂

    • Thank you, Sandra. She is an amazing being, but her patience is limited ,lol. The honest truth is that when I’m heavily into a story I do feel the pull of someone. Words flow and after a session of writing I sometimes read over what I’ve written and can’t believe it was me. I’m happy so many have enjoyed my poem. I will have to post a few more.

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