See my interview by Junying Kirk!

A writer in Thailand

See my interview done by the great author Junying Kirk. She’s done a wonderful job of making me look good with great questions and photos! Learn more about The Writer in Thailand. Junying Kirk interviews Dannie C Hill

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2 responses to “See my interview by Junying Kirk!

  1. I am truly dissappointed as you did not list me as someone you admire…LOL. When is the new book coming out? I just finished reading “Inheritance” by Christopher Paolini the last in his series. So I need something to read. Hope you are finaly drying out.

    • My best friend, Lamar. You are someone I admire! As a matter of fact the manuscript I wrote in November and will finish the first draft in a few days has you playing one of the lead roles– using first and last name! I’ll let you look it over for your approval. It’s about a sexual predator that I have made into a likeable guy– you’re not that guy but the Police Chief and soon to be Mayor of Mooresville.

      My next book, Outer World Prairie is ready. I just want to make a few changes. It will come out early next year.

      Although the water is still at our house it is now low enough for us to drive to and start to clean– not looking forward to it. There are still many parts of the district that are underwater and the people continue to suffer. It’s turned into a political battle trying to make each side look bad– while the Thai people suffer, terrible.

      MBF Thank you for commenting. Can you believe all the beautiful, talented women calling me sweet and romantic?

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