A Writing Challenge- from Karen

I’ve accepted a challenge from Karen at Karensdifferentcorners and it came at a perfect time for me. I needed a push to make my fingers and mind work together again. The challenge is to write a short story or scene as Dialog only, Description only and A combination of both. It’s a very interesting way to practice different disciplines.

Forgive me if I’m a bit rusty, but this practice has made me smile. Please enjoy and comment—good or bad, lol.  Thank you, Karen- what a great exercise!

If I have to pick a title for this scene—Afternoon Delight


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“Sirilak, why do you work so hard?”

“Soon the dry season will be here and the baby will come in a month. We must have enough food for our family, Anan. Don’t worry, I rest often.”

“You must let me help. I’ve finished the new room for our first born.”

“You are such a good husband. My life would be so hard without you.”

“Ha. Is this what you call an easy life? It is I who is lucky to be the husband of such a beautiful woman. You will be the best mother to our son.”

“You are so sure our child will be a boy. I think a girl would be auspicious and there will be more children. You are energetic in your work.”

“Hush woman. What if our neighbors hear you speak so openly about our private life.”

“The women would be jealous and the men might try harder to please their wives. But I will keep my voice low because I don’t want one of the ladies to try and find out for themselves.”

“I’m hungry. It’s time to do your other wifely duties!”

“That was the best fish soup I’ve ever had and you… I enjoy the way you look while you carry our child.”

“Stop that, Anan. When you touch me so I forget that I look like an elephant and it is hours before dark. I don’t want you to see the fat woman I am now.”

“Sirilak, you’re not fat. You are the essence of beauty. Perhaps a special dessert will put me in the mood to help you in the garden. After all the sun is too hot for you to do any hard work now.”

“My love. I will help you prepare the dessert.”


Anan stood in the shade of a tamarind tree watching Sirilak, his wife, working in the garden. Her tiny body had grown so big with the coming of their first child he worried that she might do them both harm working in the burning sun. He knew his words must be gentle as he looked on, filled with the love for his woman. She worried about the coming dry season and the extra mouth that would have to be fed.

They had only a small plot of land but every centimeter was used to their benefit. He still watched in wonder at how the most beautiful girl of their village had picked him for her husband.

Anan walked out in the field and began to work alongside Sirilak and nudged her a bit just to have her look at him. He loved looking in her dark depthless eyes that shown so bright when they turn to him.   She smiled as he rubbed his stomach, indicating his hunger.

Sirilak’s laughter filled him with joy. She rose and pulled him to his feet and then propelled him toward the house. She looked with pride at the new room that he had just finished. Her choice of Anan as her husband was helped by her grandmother. Love had blossomed from the very first day and she said her special prayer of thanks for selecting the perfect man.

He reached out to rub her heavy belly and bent to kiss her, but she pushed him away and then looked around to be sure the neighbors had not been watching. He reached for her again, but she slapped his hand and held up a finger as she waddled faster to the house.

Sirilak watched him eat as if there would be no more food for the evening meal and laughed.

Anan felt his heart flutter at the thrill of her laughter and reached out for her. This time she came willingly and purred at his touch.

There would be a special dessert as she pulled him toward their sleep area.

Dialog and description:

The sun’s rays shimmered off the ground as Anan watched his wife from the shadows of a nearby tamarind tree. He walked out in the field and said, “Sirilak. You shouldn’t be out in this sun. You must think of our child growing within you.”

“It is our child that I am thinking of. We must be ready for the dry season. I feel fine and you’ve been working so hard on the new room. You can’t do all the work! What kind of wife would I be to sit while there is work to be done?” She sat back, wiping the sweat from her brow and gazed up at the man she loved. He was so strong and fit, but even in her condition she wouldn’t allow him to coddle her. It wasn’t her way or the way of the village.

Anan lifted her to her feet and placed a loving hand on her swollen belly and tried to sneak a kiss, but she pushed him away with a laugh. “Are you worried about what the neighbors might say? I will tell them I am kissing my son through my wife.”

“Always so sure our little one will be a boy. I would think a girl will bring good fortune to our house… besides, with all your attention our family will be large.” The look on his face caused her to laugh and hug his arm. “Not that I’m complaining, my love. You fill me with love when you touch me.”

“I have married a wanton woman,” he said with a smile that stretched across his face. “I need my wife to feed her man so he will have the energy to try and satisfy her needs.” He gave her a nudge towards the house and then reached for her again but only caught the sweet tinkle of her laughter.

Anan settle back in his chair with a full belly and as he always did when he turned his eyes on Sirilak he gave thanks for his luck and her love. As she moved to clear the table he reached out and pulled her to his lap. She did not resist and purred as he hand rubbed her swollen belly and kissed her neck. He knew just the spot that would make her want more.

She stood and pulled him to his feet, pressing her body to him. “I think a special dessert shall be your reward for loving me, husband.”

The end.

 I hope you enjoyed these different styles. It’s good practice for any writer to stay within a discipline to see where one may need some additional practice.

I’m supposed to pick three more people to continue this contest, but what I’ve decided is: If anyone wishes to join in, please do. I really would enjoy seeing what other writers come up with. Try to go outside your normal style. Since I’m a genre hopper it didn’t work well for me.

Post your writing at your web site and then post the link in the comments on this post and at Karen’s site. I look forward to some good reading.

November Madness in Thailand

I Won last year and will do it again this year





I want to thank you all for your support and good thoughts and prayers during this hard time Thailand is going through now. It does continue. The Government has promised the water to be gone by the New Year—of course they had promised it to be gone by the end of November.

I have not written these stories to try to elicit sympathy on my part. The suffering of the Thai people does deserve thought but they are recovering and smiling again.

I’ve been asked by a few why I don’t move back to the States and the answer is this land has touched me and revived me. There’s always a little suffering to make us appreciate the joys of life.

While we’ve waited on the waters to leave we have spent most of the time on out little farm planting harvesting and admiring the beauty of the mountains and people. Our tapioca is thriving and we anticipate a bumper crop sometime after the new year. Our small crop of corn is in and mostly consumed by us. We did give some away to neighbors. We have cucumbers, peppers, beans, papayas, coconuts, mangoes and many bananas coming in and we do sell much of that to help sustain our small farm. That’s really all we asked of the land. To provide enough money for us to plant again.

I’m a writer in Thailand and book sales have been good. I’ve gotten some great review for In Search of a Soul and am finding it is a story that appeals to women—which is a pleasant surprise. Women like the main character Douglas Durian and I quote from reader, Kathy Lynn Hall: “Douglas is unknowingly strong, sensitive, noble, honorable, wounded but a retrievable man” and readers like the strength I give to the female characters.

My other book, Tyler Hill’s Decision has also received some wonderful reviews from readers and that truly is what it’s all about. Many, many novelist know they will never be rich from their work and money had only a small part to play with why they write. It’s the words from readers that we live for. It’s funny how we writer live for the words of readers just as much as we live for the words that flow through our fingertips.

I haven’t been very active this month on my blog or the social media. November is a time of pressure, pleasure and uncertainty for thousands of novelist—new and experienced. We join one another to participate in National November Writers Month (NaNoWriMo). During this month we push ourselves and one another to write at least 50,000 word of a fresh new piece of work and to be declared a winner, The prize…? A small sticker we can put on our websites that announces we won. The true prize is that this great organization, The Office of Letters and Light, collects donations from the participants and sponsors and they use the money to help and educated young potential writer and give them a chance to learn to let their dreams and daydreams reach paper to thrill friends, family, and readers. So far this fine group has collected $500,000 this year. And so far over 2 billion words have been written!

Without writers can you imagine how dull and lifeless this world we live in would be? No movies, songs, books and every other type of media would exist without someone to put them into words first. To teach our young ones this form of communication is one thing we can all do to help make a better world.

My twelve year old Granddaughter, Nickaisha, recently wrote a wonderful article on prejudice and it was publish in the school paper and held a place of honor in the school display case. Can you imagine the pride I feel for this beautiful young writer?  

The story I’m writing for this November may never see the light of day because it is so different from my normal writing. I have taken a monster—a predator of women and children- and try to ask the readers to like him and have sympathy. This goes against everything I believe. What worst crime could there be? I am only a few thousand words from completing it and I do believe I have done what I set out to do. Do you think you could find it in your heart to forgive and understand a fiend? Perhaps one day I will offer this story to an agent and find out. The working title is On The Menu.
I’m writing this post today to give you another view of a writer’s life in Thailand. I have come to see that I live to write and write to stay sane—not sure if the sane part has worked out, Ha! I’ll only leaves this post as a feature for a few days.

I had planned to publish my third book this year. A fantasy that I’m sure readers will enjoy. It is an Avatar-like tale about a people fighting for the freedom and their very lives. I am holding it back for a short while I do some final rewrites. I expect quality in my reading and so should you! Look for Outer World Prairie very soon.

Next post I want to tell you about a plant we grow on our little farm. Wars were fought and colonization took place because of this plant and others. This plant and its fruit is still a mainstay in every society today. It is what we call black-pepper. And it is amazing.

I hope you enjoyed this look into the life of a writer and I really hope you’ll give my books a try as a paperback or ebook. And I would love to hear from you about my writing. I and many writers are blessed to be living in this age but we all put the readers at the top of the pedestal and give you thanks!