Flooding in Thailand

I was going to post a nice story about the rubber trees in Thailand , but instead I will tell you about what’s happening right now.

This is the rainy season in Thailand and it is normal for some low lying areas to flood for a few days. This year the rain won’t stop. I’ve never seen so many overcast days here. We only see the sun perhaps twice a week and then not for long. Most unusual. The rains normally come in the late afternoon or evening for a few hours and then it’s clear until they return. This year it just doesn’t seem to stop.

We have a little farm on the central plateau and don’t have to worry about floods except for the very intense rains. We also have a small two story house in Pathum Thani—near Bangkok. There are a series of klongs- canals- that protect a large area area, but this year there’s just too much rain all over the country and it’s heading for Bangkok via the Chao Phraya river- the main river of Thailand. Many areas of Bangkok are already flooded and it’s only going to get worse.

My wife and I have been caught in these floods on several occasions and it was scary to drive through water several feet deep and not knowing if there is a hole in the road. I always follow someone else but crossing small rivers that are higher than the bridge is unnerving.  All in all we are doing well and safe.

The really bad part is that there are areas where people are living in their houses that have been in deep water for three months. I feel so sorry for these people. Thai’s normally take on any situation with a smile but this year I have seen people crying for lack of knowing what to do—even government officials. Seeing a Thai cry is very unusual and it tears at my heart. They will come through this and be laughing when it’s over.

Another worrisome part is that in the Bangkok area we have been to a number of food outlets and there is no bottled water except for the small 1/2 liter bottles. Only the very poor drink water that doesn’t come from a bottle. I suspect people are hoarding it and the supplies will soon be there. We have a well at out farm so we will have drinking water and will make it available if needed. 

The US has helped with relief by giving 3 million baht– $10,000. Not much help at all. China has given and offered large amounts of money and aid.

I wish I had some pictures to add to this post and will later on but I must tell you when I’m in 2 or three feet of fast moving water rushing across a road, my camera is the last thing I’m thinking of, lol. And it’s not just crossing a short span. There is water for long distances. Looks like driving on a lake or the ocean in some places.

I do pray everyday for these hard hit wonderful people and I hope you will add your prayers also.

For my friends and reader I want you to know that my wife and I are quiet safe. I am ready for the dry season!