We are not different. We are alive. Together.

Britt has come up with a simple question that is so thought provoking. The answers are a pleasure for me to read. Please enjoy

Britt Skrabanek

loving life

I was going to wait until later in the week to post the 2nd anniversary video of The Life Enthusiast Chronicles. Due to the uncertainty enveloping so many hearts after the recent attacks in Paris, I couldn’t wait.

If there is ever a time for us to come together, that’s now. One way we can rise above this tragedy is through positivity. And though it cannot undo what has been done, positivity has a way of healing us even when we feel lost.

I began The Life Enthusiast Chronicles on a whim two years ago. I wanted to start a monthly series where people were challenged by a theme that would bring out their truest human nature and exude inspiration.

Life enthusiasm was that theme. Specifically, to answer one question: What makes you enthusiastic about life?

I’ve been told by almost every Life Enthusiast—who are all brilliant writers—that this is one of the hardest things…

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12 responses to “We are not different. We are alive. Together.

    • I so enjoy your new life as a world traveler. I don’t know why but I am unale to make comments on your blog, but know that I read them all with excitement and remembering my time in Thailand and other places I’ve visited.

    • I have a fear of public speaking, but hiding in the back room talking to my telephone is something I can handle. Britt deserves so much credit for getting me out of my comfort zone.

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