Reading in Thailand

Letizia allowed me to visit and write a short post about reading. Her’s is one of the sites I never miss. Please stop by and see for yourself.

reading interrupted.

I love when my blogging friend and author, Dannie Hill, writes about his life, especially his time in Thailand. In just a few words, he is able to transport me to his home, and I feel as if we are sitting in his garden having a drink together.

©Dannie Hill ©Dannie Hill


I asked him if he could share with us an experience of reading in his Thai garden. Once again, he has transported me with his words. Thank you, my friend.

Here is Dannie’s lovely piece:

©Dannie Hill ©Dannie Hill

Letizia asked me to write a post for her site and, for me, it’s always exciting to interact with such an intelligent, pretty and dedicated person.

Her blog is one of my favorites because she talks about the things I love—books and readers—and she always makes me smile and think.

I’m a writer and the number one rule for those who…

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8 responses to “Reading in Thailand

  1. Probably completely off topic but as soon as I saw the word “Thailand” everything else deleted out of my brain except “Bettas”. Have you been to any of the betta farms there?!!

    • I had to look it up an I’ve never seen a Betta farm, but have often wondered where all the fighting fish came from. Thank you for visiting and I will make an effort to visit one when I go back

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