Washing Day, Wondering

This painting takes me back to my time in Thailand–even though it comes from a photo taken in India. It truly speaks to me of what I miss. I hope you’ll enjoy this art by Laurie Bostian which is inspired by John Grant– a very talented fellow in Ireland. Visit them and enjoy.

Personal Artist, Laurie Bostian

Many thanks to John Grant for allowing me to paint this using his brilliant photography! Many thanks to John Grant for allowing me to paint this using his brilliant photography!

The original photo use for this piece can be found here: http://meticulousmick.wordpress.com/2014/03/#jp-carousel-3295

John Grant’s work inspires me. Takes me places. It makes me laugh and hope and wonder. During the creation of this piece, I wondered about the conversations they might be having out there. I wondered what quiet thoughts were going through their minds. I wondered if they were running down a checklist of things to do after that task was done. I wondered what the temperature of that water was. I wondered what their personal struggles were. I wondered what they looked forward to.

The beautiful thing about painting figures is the opportunity it affords me to put myself in the place of another for just a short time.

Thanks again, John Grant. It was a pleasure.

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14 responses to “Washing Day, Wondering

  1. I love the colors. Especially the red windows for some reason. I’m trying to remember if there was a house I visited in my childhood that had red windows because it’s really evocative. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • After I reblogged this post I gotten to know Laurie a bit and find her to be very talented and humorous. We’re both from the same area. She was born in Sugar Tit, South Carolina– yes, it’s a real place. I’ve been there. Thanks for stopping by, pretty lady!

    • I didn’t know much about Laura when I reblogged this but have come to see her wonderful talent. The painting just spoke to me and gave me some peace.Thank you for commenting Dianne

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