Return to Thailand

Dannie and Julee

Dannie and Julee

I had been in the States for almost a year and fully intended to write about the differences between the States and Thailand. For those that don’t know, my wife and I had lived in Thailand for the previous 10 years.

Love that last

Love that last

I, along with my lovely wife, are now back in Thailand for a visit and to tie up some loose ends. I must say from the moment I stepped off the plane my body relaxed to a point it almost brought tears.

In the beginning of our journey, my wife was not that excited to move to Thailand—the place of her birth. She loves America, as do I, but I needed a change. It was nearly a matter of life and death. I have said this before but my wife has looked after me all our married life and even before. I’m a lucky man to have someone who understands my needs better than I.

I’ll admit I enjoy many parts of life in the States; food; conveniences; the ocean and being able to speak and perceive that people understand me. I do speak Thai but am often unsure if my point is interpreted correctly. But the States also brings back the sucking of the soul feeling I had when I left. Not the people—I do enjoy the mixture of people, but the rules, rules and more rules: from taxes, politics, insurance and electronics that seems to consume everyone. I’ve always felt that a cell phone is for making and receiving calls. That now seems the least of their purposes.

Being near my family—I thought would be the biggest plus. I once again became the head of the family—in my eyes—and it was an obligation I didn’t cherish. In my early life I was a decision maker and now that I can look back I see I put myself at a distance, what with work, caring for my family and providing for their needs. There’s much more that goes on, but that is personal.

One thing that came back to me was the sea. I have a small fishing boat and sitting at anchor or blasting through passes puts my mind at ease. My true love is sailing but the cost of docking is holding me back. I honestly think I am a thing of the ocean. When on the water my cares are far away—no matter the problems I face. Being on the incessant sea gives me the desire to write again. I haven’t written a word towards a manuscript in many months and I miss it so. It’s not writer’s block it’s the lack of desire. I’m still selling books, much to my amazement. I have done little to encourage readers to buy. I love them for helping me.

So, now, here I sit in Thailand soaking up the heat, the smiles, the beautiful people and with a feeling of contentment. My wife is also happier in Thailand than our past year in the States. She went through hell for reasons of her own and others. So we have decision to make.

After being here for over a month we both want to return to the States, but with changes that will benefit us. If I lose it again then I have a home here in Thailand. I went to the immigration office we visited so many times before and the officers were so happy to see us again. The lady in charge didn’t want to give me a 30 day extension—she wanted me to stay and offered another 1 year visa. Hard to imagine how wonderful the people are we come in contact with.

I’m getting old—yes, it’s true—and I still have dreams of crossing oceans. It might not happen but if it does I have to be in the States to make it a reality.

Sorry to drag this on. I should break it up but the thrill of writing, even this little post, is so exciting and I know you’ll forgive me. There are so many people in the reading and writing world that have touched me and I love you all.

10 responses to “Return to Thailand

  1. Dannie, it’s so good to see you here again. I know that love of the sea. Once we left the hectic states behind life created different challenges, but so much more relaxed. Life in the Caribbean is a lot like Thailand I suspect. There are very few docks to tie up to. The Captain and I have no exit plan at this time. Our floating home is bringing us peace and the 500 nm trek up and down island where we can sail 80% of the time is a refreshing change from the east coast.

    Okay, my comment got away from me, but I think you’ll understand.

    • Hi Nancy. I’ve been wondering about you and the Captain. We’ve bought a house near Ft Pierce, FL and that’s where I’m enjoying the sea. It’s the one thing that will bring me back to the States for a while. If I succeed in acquiring a boat I hope I’ll get to meet you one day in the islands. A goal I set for myself a long time ago is to cross the Atlantic and maybe more. It’s still a dream but who knows. My longest passage so far was from Hampton, Virginia to Ft Lauderdale on the outside– a bit over 1000 miles. And I loved every minute of it.

      Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Hello, lovely man, so nice to read something from you again. I can feel how torn you are between the US and Thailand, as there are pros and cons for each.

    At the end of the day, you must do what makes you happiest. I’m sure you will make the right decision. xox

    • Thank you, Eden. I light up every time you write. Yes. I do have decisions to make and being happy will be the main item. We’re going to give the States another try and hope for the best. We’ll always have our little farm here in Thailand to come back to for a visit or long term.

      I hope you are doing well and I can’t wait ’til your novel is out!

  3. It’s good to read your words once again, Dannie. It’s tough when your heart lies in two continents. I have that as well, living in the States now but home will always be Europe. But in the end, I tell myself that happiness is wherever love and laughter converge – and that we can take with us wherever we end up. Hope your travels bring you everything you’re looking for!

    • It always makes me smile when you visit– I shall have to write more, ha! Yes. It sometimes feels almost unAmerican to long for another country and its people. For me happiness is elusive so when I am touched I embrace it.
      I do envy your command of languages. I’ve gotten to the point that I can switch between Thai and English without thought but still have a long way to go. To me that is happiness.

      I do think you have one of the better blogs in the social media world. You speak of things I enjoy.

  4. Lovely post, Dannie. Glad you have two countries you can call home, as different as they can be. Lucky you to have a beautiful and understanding wife by your side no matter where you are.

    Enjoy both worlds, and keep us in the know too :).

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