Discovering Hummus

Hummus and pine nuts

Hummus and pine nuts

I finally tried something I’ve been seeing in grocery stores. Of course I’ve heard of it before and in research for my writing I know it has been around since the 13th century.

Hummus: Middle Eastern and Arabic food dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with tahini(sesame oil), olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic.

Here’s my problem. As a young Southern boy I learned, in school and life, that humus is the top layer of earth where leaves and dead things decay and turn to rich soil. So now when I hear about people eating Hummus—guess what I think of. Now don’t get me wrong. I love flat breads like pita and unleavened bread and several other selections that come from the Middle East, but word association has kept me from trying Hummus, of any variety. I’ve seen it on the shelves in Thailand, but Thai food occupied my palate, except in the case of any kind of bread which I would indulge in, usually late at night.

Rednecks at the beach

Rednecks at the beach

Now that I’m back in the States, at least for a while, I’m renewing my love of Mexican food, pizza, hamburgers and just about anything that will make you fat. I’m still trying to accommodate the giant servings without the use of a doggie(take-out) bag. As a result I once again am gaining weight. I’ve also quit using tobacco products, which has added to my girth. A little know secret of mine is: I normally only eat once a day. Been doing that for years and I don’t know why, except that my mind works better hungry. Not that my mind works great, but any improvement is a plus.

Back to Hummus. I’m not sure if it helps with my ‘eating disorder’ but I read that it’s very good for you. While shopping with the wife—that will make another great post—I was perusing the shelves and came across a big pile of Hummus. I must give it to American marketing. They can make anything appealing. In what is known as an impulse buy I grabbed a small tub with pine nuts, something I do enjoy, and hid it away from my darling. She’s not crazy about buying things she has no idea what it is, although she buys many thing I have no idea about with no hint of guilt.

That night I pulled out some wheat thins and gave the Hummus a try. I had to go on line to see what was proper for eating the mash of chickpeas. It was wonderful! I even tricked the wife into trying it. She wasn’t as impressed as I was but I did observe her going in for more.

Potential fat guy and family

Potential fat guy and family

Now, I’m hooked on Hummus and hoping its not fattening. Give it a try and tell me what you think.

I haven’t written anything is several months and it feels good to stretch my fingers and brain. I hope you enjoyed this little post.

24 responses to “Discovering Hummus

  1. Me, too! About a month ago, I tried some artichoke hummus and was hooked! I just decided to go vegan – for my health – and hummus is not a permanent fixture. There are so many ways to flavor it.

    Glad to have a hummus buddy!

    • Hi Kathy. Yeah. I’m sorry I waited so long. Hummus is gluten free– what ever that means– but most of all you can us it like avocados and put it on anything. Now if I could lose a little weight. Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m happy I didn’t run everyone off with my absents.

  2. So glad to see you posting again Dannie. I, too, hadn’t tried Hummus because I had no idea what it was, although I’m very game to try most anything new. It wasn’t until I went to a party and spread something on a cracker that I couldn’t stop eating that I asked the hostess what it was. “Hummus,” she replied. Now I’m hooked (and I hope it’s not fattening either!)

    • It is so great to hear from you, Linda. I’ve been the ghost of the internet of late but am starting my return, hopefully. Yes. I’m amazed at putting that first bite in my mouth and smiling. It’s not an overbearing taste, just a pleasing thing. Those Middle Easterners are smart than I thought— THAT’s a joke.
      I hope you are having great success with your latest book. I really enjoyed the first book and am looking forward to reading the second installment.

  3. Dannie, how adorable are you? I mean … you really, really are.

    If you like hummus, then you will like baba ganoush, which is eggplant. Try it if you get a chance. Also, the Greeks do a great garlic dip called tzatziki (cucumbers/yogourt) — very good with pita bread, crackers, or even potatoes.

    What? You only eat ONCE a day? Isn’t that akin to being a vampire or something like that?

    Great pics of you and your beautiful family too. I like how you call your wife “the wife.” Is that similar to “the boss”? 😉

    So nice to read a blog from you again, hon, and congratulations on giving up the tobacco. You’re looking younger already!


    • Eden said a lot of things I wanted to say but she did get here first :).

      Lovely post – I love hummus and have been eating them for years. What you wrote reminded me even more how much variety where food is concerned and how each of us find our way and pace to discover the unknown and unfamiliar.

      • Thank you for visiting, Junying! You’re so right about the varieties of food and the art of slow discovery. I’m looking forward to find out more of what I’ve been missing.

    • Dear Eden. It always lights up my day when I hear from you! Baba ganoush. I’ve heard of it but never knew it was a food. I’ll try it and the Greek dish as well.

      I’m not sure how the once a day started. For quite a while I fasted once a week and sometimes going for a week without anything except water with a touch of lemon juice. As you can tell from the photo I’ve given up fasting– unless I gain more weight. My mind really does work better when hungry.

      Yes. My wife is THE wife, as in The Boss, but I won’t admit it to her. I wouldn’t be anything without her to help guide me along the stream. My youngest son is missing from the photo but it really did turn out well. I’m very proud of all my children!

      Thank you again for all your support! You are a wonderful, talented lady. As well as beautiful.

  4. Good to hear from you, man.

    Nice looking family. Hope they’re enjoying the U.S.

    Stopping tobacco always increases your appetite, but I think a little extra weight is better than the alternative. Push on.

    • Thanks, Tim. My family lives in the States but they do visit us in Thailand when we’re there. I kinda made a promise to my wife that I would quit tobacco when we had a house in the States and I know it’s a terrible, unhealthy habit. I’ll just quit eating in a month or two, lol. Hope you’ll give Hummus a try.

  5. It’s so wonderful to read your wonderful words again and to see photos of your happy family! My office mate makes her own Hummus and often brings it in to work – delicious! I laughed when I read that you only eat one meal a day as I’m the opposite, I’m a grazer, eating throughout the day as I tend to lose weight to easily if not. But I agree with you on one thing, I work better if I’m hungry (and cold for that matter)… there must be a masochistic-work gene in us!

    • My wife is a grazer– it’s a Thai thing and when I use to fast it drove her crazy, ha! Thank you for the kind words. I do have a good looking family. They got their looks from my wife– and brains too.

      I am hooked on Hummus now. Just sorry I waited so long.

      I also just had my knee operation so if my words are a bit askew I blame it on the drugs. Looking forward to taking a nice long walk in a few weeks.

  6. I, like you, have never tried hummus but have been thinking about it lately because they have been showing sooo many commecials on tv lately. As to eating I’m a grazer like your wife and for the most part, I’m a vegetarian. Glad to see you back!

    • Thank you for visiting, Karen. I always enjoy your comments. Go out and get a tub of Hummus and some wheat thins or whatever and give it a try. Being a vegetarian, this would be right down you alley. I’m an omnivore so when I sit down for my one meal it’s anything goes, but the Hummus makes a great snack.

  7. Having lived in the Arab world for more than two decades, I can say that Hummus is one of the more nutritious dishes of this part of the world. Bur while, apart from having a great taste , hooking you ( as it has!) and being rich in protein, it can be fattening because of the oils.


    • Thank you for visiting, Shakti– btw, I like your name. I’ll keep in mind the fattening part, but from all I’ve read hummus is very good for you. That part of the world has always fascinated me. I’m just learning all the different types of additives that make hummus delicious.

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