My American Dream

Captain Bob and Beowulf

Captain Bob and Beowulf

Well we made it to the States and talk about culture shock! I’ll post about my reintroduction to the racing rats later. This post is more about a daydream I’ve been holding on to for years now.

Most of you know I’m a sailor and the ocean calls me, even from the mountains of Thailand. Actually I’ve enjoyed almost everything about living in Thailand.

Cabin looking forward

Cabin looking forward

I was invited—I may have given my friend a few suggestive hints—to go sailing on a boat type I’m seriously considering for my next purchase. That is if we ever get a house—that’s another post as well.

The boat is an older, well-built and ocean capable Alberg 30, Beowulf. I had never been on one and looked forward to riding along in a sailing regatta(race).

Cabin looking aft

Cabin looking aft

A few weeks ago I arrived at my friend’s house early and we headed for the marina to meet Captain Bob and his boat. Captain Bob looked like the consummate sailor: puka shell necklace, deep tan and a happy kind of guy. The boat looked to be everything I thought I might see. It is 40 years old and show a bit of wear and tear but sturdy, and well founded.

As we motored out to the Indian River Lagoon I could feel the weight and balance of the boat. Once out of the channel we raised the sails and made our way towards the starting line. As soon as the engine was off and the sails pulling Beowulf took to her heels. I could feel the power of her and knew that this was a boat to cross the oceans. She also let me know that I was welcomed back to the sea—what a feeling.



If for no other reason my trip back to the States has been worth it. I told my wife—gently of course—that if we didn’t find a house I would buy a boat and sail back to Thailand. I’m a bit unsure of the look she gave me. I know my first obligation—and the most important one—is to make her happy. Then comes the boat.

I’ve been away for a while and still feel like a stranger to blogging but I do hope you enjoyed this little story.

Oh. We didn’t win the race but we weren’t last either. I’m ready for blue water!



In the hunt

35 responses to “My American Dream

  1. Dannie, my spirit soared at the sight of the cabin and Captain Bob overlooking the sea. I’m so glad for you that you’re back on the water. Hopefully, there’s much more to come.

    • Thank you Kathy! I always wonder if my friends will stick with me in my absents from blogging and I give you all a heart felt thank you. Yes, the sea knows my name and whispers to me in my dreams. There will be more!

  2. It sounds like you had a really great time sailing again, my friend! I look forward to reading the story about your personal adventures when you purchase that next boat. Something tells me that sailing trip idea back to Thailand didn’t go so well. 😀 It’s great to see you back in the blogosphere (is that even a word?), too!

    • Thanks Rob. I’ve missed it but the sparkle of everything here in the States has kept me rolling my eyes (that’s an inside joke) I may have to make the trip back to Thailand by myself, lol

  3. Dannie, how fab to be sailing the ocean again. That salty smell of the ocean is my life’s blood! I love reading about your adventures. I didn’t realise you were leaving Thailand permanently. Are you planning on returning there? Texas is another world – will you settle there? I imagine you will get out and about in the ocean there.. where do you sail? Are you close enough to the Bahamas? I love the Beowulf! She does feel powerful – and so is her message to you – the ocean has been waiting for you! I am passionate about our oceans. We have to do as much as we can to keep them healthy so that they continue to support life on Earth and all the spiritual inspiration we get from them. Have you seen Sylvia Earle? She is a major supporting force of the oceans. You would be inspired by her work.
    The Dutchman would love to live on a boat and sail around. Our ocean here – the Southern Ocean, is a bit rough for that – and I love how wild it is.. but not sure about sailing on it. Wim takes his Hobi ( cat ) out during sailing season – December – April, and he loves it. It is too full on the rest of the year.. but we did manage lots of swims this year as it was so HOT. I guess we would head to somewhere like the Kimberleys – the north west if we took to life on board for a time…
    Looking forward to your next adventure.

    • So great to hear from you Michelle! We’re trying to buy a house in south east Florida which is quite close to the Bahamas. I’m learning much more than I want to know about buying a house in a depressed economy– wait,wait and wait.

      I do agree that we must protect the oceans and everyone can help. I haven’t heard about Sylvia Earle, but I will soon.

      Your pcean isn’t for the novices. The lower 40’s have little pity for us landlings, but I would love to sail there.

      Thanks again for your great comments and give my best to the Dutchman.

    • Thank you, Tim. If I get the dream boat I’ll be sure and invite you out for a test drive.

      Beowulf isn’t for sale, she’s like the one I want. Captain Bob is one of those people that make you feel comfortable and his sailing knowledge is impressive!

    • Glad you liked the post Stan. I’ll be honest, if you ever get the chance to sail offshore at night it will change your life. Tim is a great guy and supporter. And he has a great blog!

      • Agree about Tim, for sure! And the last time I was on the sea, it was on a Navy ship and after six months of that, I’m probably scarred for life. I’ll leave the sea to you, for now. But one day, I’ll get back out on the open oceans. : )

  4. Hello handsome,
    Welcome back to this side of the world and wonderful to read a blog post from you. Though I love all the posts about your life in Thailand, I’m equally interested to know how things will work out for you now that you’re back. This is where we first met, so I will always hold it dear to my heart.
    Truth is, the world is a tiny place when we have the powers of social media to bring us together. Keep blogging, lovely man. Your stories continue to be a great source of fascination for me,

    • Thank you dear Eden. It is nice to be back and it’s great to be able to run back to Thailand if it gets to be too much, lol. Even in the social media I feel closer to my friends being on this side of the pond.

  5. Dannie, looks wonderful, and as true as bob, I got a tingle of jealousy!!! Long long time since I’ve sailed, and now you come and awake the longings in me!

    • Great to hear from you, Suletta. I think that feeling never left you. It’s so hard to drive the slatwater from your veins. Farming and sailing– it can work. I do enjoy your post about life in South Africa.

    • Thank you for visiting again, Sharmishtha. Some do have a problem with the constant movement of a boat but the sights and sound are so worth it. Perhaps if I get to your part of the world I can take you for a day sail.

      • I will so love to and test if I become sea sick! may be its all in my mind! when I was a child I used to dream of becoming a sailor, then with age I came to know that door is not open for women and I used to get so much sick when I travelled on trains that I realized that even if that door was open for women I most probably would have died out of dehydration 🙂

    • Hi Paula. I wasn’t trying to keep it a secret I simply didn’t think that many people would care. I have an uncle that lives in Asheville so when I make it up that way I will let you know. It would be a great honor to meet you and Ashley in person.

      We’ve finally got approval for our house bid and should be closing sometime around July 10th– I hope, for the sanity of Julee and of course my sanity runs alongside hers. ha!

      • If you haven’t figured out by now that you are one of my blog-friends that I most want to meet, then I have been an incredibly bad – even worse than I thought – communicator of my feelings about you and all of your family! I can hardly wait to meet you both – bring your Uncle, too – the whole family for a visit to Waynesville! We’ll find room to put you up if you need a place to stay (even though Ashevllle is not that far away). If you want to buy a house, you would love ours, and it’s still for sale! If we have sole it by the time you get over the seas, then wherever we , you are to let us know immediately! It will be in North Carolina in any event – maybe here In the mountains in Waynesville, or closer to the Outer Banks and some of the family – especially Zoë!

        I realize of course that although you have been such a loyal Twitter supporter and blog supporter for me, I have been terrible to you, but don’t feel singled out – I’ve been awful to everybody!

        Your voyage sounds wonderful, but scary, too. Please make sure you don’t do one of those stupid things like sail without a locator or a GPS, and keep lots of emergency equipment on board where it can stay dry and safe, and plenty of fresh water, etc, etc. I love the ocean, but more to wade in and look at than to sail into such deep water. I’ve read too many scary stories, I guess! If you can, please take photos of the birdlife and other sea life that you encounter on your trip, then I can vicariously enjoy your trip without being too frightened.

        Love, and
        Happy sailing, bon voyage, and the blessings of enough. . .


  6. I am smiling at your comments. I can’t see any way that you’ve not been a great blog friend and supporter. Your poems have touched me and photos have reminded of the home I have missed. I know of your love of the sea, children and beautiful Zoe(don’t know how to make that .. above the e.)

    I have no fear of the sea but also know she is an unforgiving lover, so I shall be prepared when I embark on a passage. I’ll be sure to make film and photos to show the people I care about.

    I do look forward to meeting you!

  7. Enjoyed the story indeed my friend. Chuckled to myself when you described Captain Bob thinking, could he not be happy sailing the sea. I do hope you get your house soon and the Mrs is content so you can aim for you boat and the open sea ^_~

    • Thank you, Dorianna. We do have a small house now and I have a few medical things to take care of– having knee surgery next week– not a big thing. And then the serious sailboat looking starts. I need to get back to blogging and writing. Kindof making me a bit crazy– not writing. Things are settling down and we should head back to Thailand in a month or two for a rest.

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