Spotlight Post by Laurie Jenkins


Laurie Jenkins has done a great Spotlight Post about my bestselling book, IN SEARCH OF A SOUL, along with an excerpt and background info. Laurie is a true supporter of indie authors and I hope you’ll show your support by visiting her great site. Spotlight.

The photo you’ll see of me is with my grandson, Tyler Hill– one of the many loves of my life!

6 responses to “Spotlight Post by Laurie Jenkins

    • Thank you for checking the site out. I’m very proud oof In Search of a Soul– not just for the sales, but it’s the one book of mine I can read again and again just to remind myself I can write.

      Tyler is cute and he knows it! He rules the roost at my son’s house and he’s one smart kid.

    • Thank you, Tim. For those that don’t know I’ve just finished, Tim’s book Valley Walker and loved it. Well written, professionally edited, but even more a good strong story. Well done, Tim.

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