Deanna Jewel interviews Me

I’m really excited about the wonderful Deanna Jewel interviewing me at her romantic site. She asked some great questions that made me think—and that’s hard to do, Ha!

Please visit Deanna’s blog and enter to win a free ecopy of my latest book, Death’s Door.

Once again either WordPress or my computer is not allowing me to post photos or links. I haven’t a clue as to what to do about it. So if you will copy/paste to visit Deanna’s great site. You know me– I live for comments! Thank you.

6 responses to “Deanna Jewel interviews Me

  1. Enjoyed the interview and the beautiful pictures of Thailand. I also find the serenity of another country (Mexico) conducive to good writing. I think it’s the tranquility. Depression is the bane of all creative people, I think. The trick is in using it to your advantage to make your writing even better! Cannot get my comment posted on the interview blog so tried here. Sorry!

    • I’ll thke comments anywhere I can get them, lol. Thank you, L. I do agree with the tranquility. It’s here in Thailand. I’m becoming a more open person because of people like you. I do agree that out of depression insiration can and does spring. Thank you so much for your comment!

  2. Hey, Dannie, Congratulations on the exposure for you book. You understand our lifestyle and know that I’ve missed connecting. Trinidad doesn’t lend itself to a lot of internet access. I may know a fellow writer/sailor headed your way for research for her next book. She may need a guide to Thailand. What do you think?

    • Hi Nancy. Great to hear from you. Are you spending the season in Trinidad? As for being a guide. It all depends when she is coming. We’ll be heading back to the States for a while, but not sure when. Tell her to get in touch and we’ll see.

      Thank you for you comments– It’s alays great to hear from someone living the life I dream about.

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