Interview by Karen Einsel

I’m not sure why, but WordPress(or my computer) is not letting me link to other sites right now. I want to put this out so if you will please copy/paste to visit Karen’s site and my interview. I will try again later to link. There are a few disadvantages to living on the other side of the world, lol.

I’m interviewed by the lovely Karen Einsel, @K_Einsel. She brings out the best in me.

Please visit Karen’s great site and learn a little about what makes me tick.

I must say that this interview came at a perfect time for me. I’m going through some medical problems and I really needed a boost to put me in the right frame of mind! Thank you, Karen!

8 responses to “Interview by Karen Einsel

    • I’m doing well, Sandra. I shouldn’t have mentioned my state of mind but I did want my friends to know where I am. I keep saying it’s the life of a writer, but more important are my friends who really care. It does lighten my days and makes me smile. Thank you!

      • I’m so glad you are doing well, Dannie. Well, I for one am relieved you mentioned it, because I was wondering why you were so quiet. Knew something was wrong. Continue to get better you hear?

        See, at least you are able to come in here, see comments from all your friends and know that we are thinking about you. 🙂

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