Guest Post in South Africa!

I’ve done a guest post and traveled all the way to South Africa. A place I’ve always wanted to visit. My good friend Sandra Valente, @BookWormSans , has a great site for anyone interested in great books to read and to read very interesting guest post… Sandra asked me to write about anything I like and I’ve chosen the one subject I can’t stop talking about. How much I love Readers! My favorite people!

I think you’ll enjoy the post and I know you’ll enjoy meeting Sandra at her great site. Please join me and comment– even if it’s about me making a guest post when I hardly post at my own site. I hope that changes soon!

Guest Post at SSBookFanatics


8 responses to “Guest Post in South Africa!

  1. Going there now, Dannie – as I said on my site a while ago, anytime you feel like doing a guest for me on Thailand, I’d love to publish it 🙂 Happy writing and stay cool 🙂

  2. Some very great sentiment in your guest post. If it isn’t for readers, our words would mean nothing.

  3. A very belated thank you, Dannie, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do a guest post for me. It was much appreciated and I know your readers loved what you had to say, as did I. I hope you’ll make an appearance once again in the near future. Happy writing! 🙂

    • Hi Sandra. It was my very great pleasure to guest post at your place! You are one of the people I look to for what to read and I really enjoy your reviews and other post. You do have interesting people come visit! I’ll be glad to come back anytime. Hopefully I’ll have a book to talk about very soon!

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