Casanova Of Thailand

Neighbor's child

Neighbor's child

Preparing jackfruit and mangos

Preparing jackfruit and mangos

I’m sitting in my room in Bangkok, wishing I was at the farm, trying to come up with a blog post. It’s usually so easy for me to write a little tale of Thailand but—watch out, more excuses—with the heat and the fact that I’m writing a new manuscript that is consuming my thoughts; well, it’s not easy.

Many times my muse—I think of her as a beautiful maiden that demands attention—won’t release me to do other things. Oh, I get up and wander around for a few minutes but then it’s back to the keyboard. Will this be the break-through novel? I know I’m a good writer—I didn’t say great—but without the support of beta readers, editors and marketing skills I wonder.

Yes, I’m on my writer’s rollercoaster and I happened to be on the downhill slope of late. But then I think about my life in Thailand.

Double headed pineapple

Double headed pineapple

In the past I would ride my motorcycle and try to get lost by taking whatever turn I come to. No matter where you go in Thailand you’re certain to end up in a small farming village. Some of the people have never been close to a white man—especially one who can talk to them a little.

I always look for a Sala- shaded platform- where the older women congregate, to announce myself. One thing I’ve learned is one never approaches the pretty young girls first. They are usually unmarried and it is impolite to converse with them without permission or chaperon.

When the older ladies and men who come around realize that I speak some form of ‘funny’ Thai, then the fun begins. Children come out of hiding and are allowed to test their skills on the crazy foreigner. The truth is in the big cities many Thais think of foreigners as walking banks with money that may fall from their pockets at any time. But in the country I’ve rarely been asked for anything. I often buy the kids a treat just to watch their faces light up.

I have to be careful not to admire thing too much because it will be offered to me—for free. Luckily I can’t carry much on my bike.

It is therapeutic for me to be the center of attention where people only want to learn more about me and my ways. Many of my family back in North Carolina were farmers and the Thai men and women enjoy hearing about farm life in the States. I’m not sure they believe me when I tell them the number of animals and land that my family farmed at one time. I’m sure they’re still talking about the impossibility of it. The people offer me food and drink— many times beer and Thai whiskey and I politely refuse because I’m on a motorcycle and my skills do not allow riding under the influence. I do eat with them. Perhaps another post of some of the things they eat, but it’s mostly fruits.

Once I am known as a good person the maidens are allowed to come near. I think there is a hope I might pick one for a wife—even though I have told the older people I am happily married. Two wives—more fodder for another post—is not unheard of. Thai women, even at a young age, exude an exotic charm that still makes my heart beat faster. And the way they glide along when they walk, oh my. I sure it has to do with the flip-flops they wear.

Now, I’m not a DOM—dirty old man, but I am a man. My wife says I am fresh bait to a school of fish—me fresh bait? That’s probably one of the big reasons I like it here. Even as an old man I’m kind of special. Back in the States I’m just another in the horde of old folks, lol. And foreign women are viewed as special too.

It really is an ego boost in the depressed life of a writer. I hope you enjoyed another short walk with a writer in Thailand.

21 responses to “Casanova Of Thailand

  1. Dannie, I love your short walks through Thailand and finding the people outside the city that really speak of life there. I hope this journey wasn’t too hard on the muse, I’m sure she’s pestering you with ideas from her time off.

    • I glad you like my stories of Thailand and its people. They are wonderful and proud– even in the cities I meet great people. Your stories take me to places I want to be and bring back memories of the sea and island people.

      I have come to depend on my muse even in her demands! I always need time to let my mind rest but other times I only want to express myself in words. Where would we writers be without that drive?

  2. Terrific post, Dannie, sweet and funny. And, yes, absolutely. The Thai’s are, on the whole, beautiful people. Thank God treachery is not unheard of their either or it would be truly Eden. Don’t give up blogging. I enjoy every one.

    • Thank you, Rose Mary. Yes, wonder is made even better with a bit of treachery, lol. I try not to lump the Thai people into one basket. Just like everywhere in this world there are good and bad. I’m happy to find that the good far outnumber the others.

      I don’t know if Eden could handle a confused soul like me, lol. Always great to hear from you!

      And don’t worry about editing– that’s is for books, not friends.

    • Thank you, Bob! You know you really gave me a boost with your review of In Search and that helped open a new world in my writng life!

      Best of luck to you with all you are doing!

  3. Dannie, you are SO cute — Casanova of Thailand, love it!
    Yes, those Thai women are lovely, lovely, lovely and they do have a way with flip flops, don’t they? 😉

    Such a sweet glimpse into your sexy life, thanks,

    • Thank you, Eden. Yes my life is sexy, lol. In my mind and occasionally in my writing. I’m happy you liked my post and I know for a fact that you would fit into that flip flop category. There’s just something about Asian ladies!

  4. Lovely sentimental post, Dannie. Your pictures are fab too. It’s so wonderful to get glimpse of your exotic life over there, and even as a woman myself, I envy the beauty and daintiness of Thai women. You’re one lucky man :)!

  5. Yes, I am lucky– lucky my wife understands, lol. There is something about Asian women that has always captured me. They age slowly and there skin stays soft and supple even in old age… Where was I? Thank you for your kind words, Junying.

  6. Dannie, Dannie, you just can’t help being around all the lovely ladies, can you? Your post, as usual, made me smile. I always enjoy them and love reading anything you write regarding Thailand. You are lucky your wife understands, or else you’d find yourself limping around the island! lol 🙂

    Have an awesome weekend.

    • Thank you Sandra. I am on my guard and jump on occasion when my wife pops is a room, lol. It’s been a fascinating journey as I get old. I’ve found talking to women isn’t as scary as I thought. I like it.

  7. I can only imagine you would be a Casanova anywhere you go, Dannie. Your words are sweet, your manner gentle. I really do enjoy reading of your experiences so far away. Hugs, my friend.

    • I must be one of the luckiest men in the world to have such great friends. It’s a new experience for me and I like it! Thank you, Diana. Since the very first post I read on your blog I really felt a kinship and know you are a great friends. And you’re a great novelist too!

    • Thank you for the kind words, Kelly. I have one first draft complete– and it feels good. Another near complete and a new manuscript started. Not looking forward to the rewrites and editing.

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