Two Awards for Blogging

Sweet Blog Award

the Versatile Blogger

I’ve recently been awarded not one but two blog awards. Hey, now when you’ve stopped laughing I’ll tell you the rest… taps foot…, again…

Okay. I can talk through laughter. One award is The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. Given to me by one of my favorite bloggers. Kelly’s blog  always makes me laugh. You should give her a try.


The other award is: The Versatile Blog Award

Given to me by my very good friend and great blogger Kathy Lynn Hall  Kathy is a great writer and blogger.

Me—versatile? The rules are basically the same for both awards: Tell seven things about myself. Thank goodness they don’t have to be secrets or I’d lose most of my readers and probably pick up an entire new set that would most likely scare me. I very much like the readers that visit now—so keep coming and I promise to get back to my stories about living in Thailand.

Seven things about me:

  1. The number one thing I’d like people to know about me is that I am a Christian. I don’t beat people over the head with that knowledge but I hope it shows up in most of what I do. I didn’t become a Christian until I was 53 and it came after a hard life of searching for the truth. I’ve looked into many different beliefs and, for me, found them all lacking. One difference in the way I practice my beliefs is I try to follow the things the Head Carpenter said. He didn’t come here to make judgments on us He came to forgive us. So that’s how I try to live my life- without judgment. I enjoy everyone I meet.
  2. I once held an Above Top Secret clearance. What more can I say—actually I’m not allowed to say anything. It’s really no big deal—I wasn’t a secret agent, black ops or mad assassin.
  3. I love women and am frightened of them too. Comes from my stumbling youth and even more clumsy young adult years. Women are so smart, witty, and have an attraction I can’t resist. That doesn’t mean I go after them with a bag full of testosterone (Not meant how it sounds) but I do admire them and enjoy talking with them. I’ve learned through the years that almost every woman I meet is beautiful and I don’t have to search for that beauty—it’s right there in front of me.
  4. I love the ocean. It pulls me, entices me, needs me and I’ve been away from it far too long. A lack of a boat and getting older is my downfall but I will return one day. John F. Kennedy once said, (Paraphrasing). We are attracted to the sea because the ocean is inside of us. Our bodies are made up of the same salinity as the oceans. I read that as a young man and then I lived in the Marshall Islands– on an island 3 ½ miles long and ½ mile wide– for two years. I loved it, felt the pull of the ocean every day, swam every day, sailed often and the sea and stars were my friends.
  5. I also love the mountains. My people are from the mountains—most came over from Scotland many years ago. I am also part Cherokee! There is a special kind of freedom high on the slopes or deep in the forest. You learn about the special relationship the Native Americans had with the earth and air. It’s a place where you can cast off the veneer of your civilized self and hear the world. I now live in the mountains of Thailand and when I climb the small mountains around our little farm I can feel the Earth pull at me. It’s also a place (along with being out of sight of land on the ocean) where you know a secret truth. This world was created by someone greater than ourselves. We and all the things around us did NOT climb out of some primordial soup. Please don’t yell at me for not conforming to new theories. Go to an earthly place and sit, look around and listen.
  6. I write to stay sane—really. I write so I can from time to time hear from a reader and they like what I do. I can receive no great gift from my fellow beings than to read what they say about my writing—good or bad. I do prefer the good, lol, but the bad means that I affected them in some small way. I’m not looking for fame—only contentment.
  7. I write about love and redemption and the main reason is my wife, Julee. She is the one person in this world that could live with a guy like me, She keeps me grounded, holds me when I need it, and forever loves me as I love her. She knows of these beautiful women I am friends with but she knows that my love is only for her.
  8. I have absolutely no fear of death. I fully expected to die before I was 40. Don’t know why but it’s true. Then it was 50, then 60. When my time here ends I will take with me memories of the people I know and love. I’ve done so much in my life that even now I know it is enough. I also know that there is more.

I hope I didn’t end on a morose note. Wasn’t meant to be that way. It was also only to be seven things, but I don’t often stay on the path.

And now for these Awards I am to name a few bloggers that I admire and think deserve these two awards. I hope I’m not put in chains for combining them. Never won a blogging award before so I don’t know the consequences. I’ll only pick a few of my favorite bloggers and I will spread my picks over the world. There are so many people I admire so if you aren’t picked—then smile and be happy. If you are picked then the gauntlet is passed. You too must pick others to carry this grave, lol, responsibility forward.

Diana Murdock @Diana_Murdock lives in Idaho She is one of the most honest, caring and beautiful people I know. Her blog is always filled with the beauty of truth. It sometimes frightens me how someone can be so honest, but I do love her blog. Her Romance book Again blew me away with feelings and wonderful words.

Junying Kirk @Junying007 is a wonderful and beautiful lady born in China and now lives in England. She takes you to places you’ve always dreamed of and interviews some very interesting people. I do enjoy everything she has to say! And she’s a great novelist.

Sandra Valente @BookWormSans Sandra is another beautiful lady—are you sensing a pattern—who lives in South Africa. She does the very best book reviews I’ve read and has led me to many a great read! I first met Sandra when I was talking about a book I wrote that spoke of growing up with multiple heritages. She was touched as was I. We are friends.

 Eden Baylee @EdenBaylee Eden does it all. Interviews great people, promotes other writers, writes poetry and saucy stories. I feel so close to Eden (with 4e’s)- that’s for Eden. I sometimes think that she is my best friend but we’ve never met in person, nor have I heard her voice except in her words. She truly is one of a kind and I’m very lucky to know her. She writes erotica but her voice covers the spectrum and you would enjoy getting to know this beautiful woman! Eden lives in Canada.

Zee Gorman @zeegorman Zee won me over when I first started to venture out into the world as a writer. Did I mention that Zee is beautiful? Zee grew up in China and now lives in San Francisco. We met at a forum at CreateSpace and began emailing. She told me of her life in China. She grew up near the border of then North Vietnam. Zee was the first person I ever opened up to about my being in Vietnam and she gave me a prospective of those living on the other side—completely different but then again not so different. Zee allowed me to say things I’ve never said and heal a wound I didn’t realize was there. She means the world to me! Her blog is honest, open and wonderful. She has two Fantasy books out that I loved reading! She also allowed me to practice my short stories with her.

There are many others I would name but enough is enough. If you weren’t mentioned—then feel lucky, lol.

Have fun opening up to the world.

14 responses to “Two Awards for Blogging

  1. It’s a great honor, Dannie to have you bestow these awards on me. I must say the most wonderful thing, though, is learning more about YOU. Awards to me, come and go, but getting to know someone on a deeper level than what the fast world of social media allows is what is worth it for me.
    What you said about me truly warms my heart, honey, and one of these days (hopefully not too far in the future), I’m hopping a plane to see you and Julee in Thailand, share some scotch, and go for a swim in the ocean.

    You are one of the loveliest men and authors I’ve met through the social networks. Thank you so much for always being true to yourself.


    • I’m blushing and smiling. I consider myself so lucky to know you and the other great people (peers) I’ve met. I agree that awards are nice but they don’t compare to friendship!

  2. Dannie! Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS! You are so deserving of these awards.

    Secondly, thank you. This said with a knot in my throat. I feel truly honoured that you included me. I usually have quite a bit to say, yet find myself sitting here at a loss for words, but I’ll try regardless.

    You are one of the nicest and most caring people I have had the pleasure of meeting on Twitter. I love reading your blog and the comments you leave on my blog although I am truly sorry for adding to your reading, lol. Just your general demeanour and Twitter chat are always uplifting. You’re constantly in good spirits in turn making everyone else feel good. Your posts are enlightening and always from the heart; the things you share with us, leave me smiling. I agree with Eden, awards come and go (although I have never had any until now *yay* lol) BUT always, friends remain. Yeah, you’re a friend indeed. You know the saying: ‘salt of the earth’?. That’s you.

    Wonder if these awards can be given back? lol You would be on my list without blinking of an eye. And your wife, Julee, sounds just as wonderful a person. I send her a big hug all the way from S.A.! x

    • Thank you, Sandra. The truth is I do this just to hear from beautiful women– just kidding. I’m excited to be the first to pass on an award to you and your blog– and you do add to my reading pleasure.

      South Africa is one of the places I would love to visit– mostly because of the very nice people I’ve met from there. You being at the top of that list.

      • See what I mean? I am sitting here laughing my head off!

        Again, thank you Dannie 🙂 and should you ever travel to South Africa, you know how to get hold of me!

        Oh, and I have also never been on the top of a list of anything either. You so have made my day! *big silly grin*

  3. Dannie, Dannie, what can I say? Wow! To be lined up with all the other beautiful women is a true honor and delight for me. Like you, I love the oceans, the mountains, and these beautiful women you listed above, including ME :)! I also love men, but I’m slightly more selective in that department, only sweet and genuine men like you 🙂

    So lovely to learn a little more about you and glad to see that you’re fearless, a bit like me 🙂 Actually I started a blog yesterday as I was given another award – you just have to top it up, don’t you, by giving me TWO at once :)! Expect kudos coming back your way soon 🙂

    I’d join Eden to visit you one day and hope that day is not far away.

    God bless your sweet soul, my dear friend, for making my day and others. Take care!

    • Thank you, Junying. I’m still amazed at the wonderful people I’ve met from around the world! As a kid I always dreamed of meeting different people. You and many others are making my dreams come true. Thank you!

  4. I love that you got the Irresistibly Sweet Blogger Award and concur! I also love that you took this opportunity to really tell us about yourself, rather than giving the flip answers that I did. I read this and came away knowing more about you – the real Dannie. Thanks my friend.

    • Thanks, Kathy, for giving me the opportunity to spill my guts, lol. I beginning to think it’s a good think to let little secrets out. And your answers weren’t flippent.

    • I’m glad you enjoy it, Michelle. I also hope you are smiling because you are one of my favotite people. I know how busy you are traveling the world and living in two of the places I would really enjoy visiting!

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