Phuket and a Writer’s Life

Phuket sunset

Orchids I grow

Writers all over the world have many ways and places they prefer to sit and do their work.

For me it’s early in the morning, usually just as dawn creeps in to touch the new day. I sit in my little room with a small window and no distractions except my mind. I like to watch the world come alive with the growing light and as I write I am surprised at the passing of time. I’m in my world—the one I am building with my mind and fingertips.

I will sometimes feel the need for a break and think back to the beautiful places I have been. The ocean always relaxes me even when I think of the storms I’ve been through. But I find myself thinking more and more of the land where I live. Small mountains thrust up from the earth thousands of years ago still hold their rugged beauty but trees and flowers will not be denied in the land of rain and heat.

Oceans of the clearest blue and green with shelves of coral and their host of fish are all around the coast. Phuket, located in the south juts out into the Andaman Sea is a place tourist and Thai’s love to go. Phuket is not just one small village but there are beaches of every kind along its coast. I have seen the most spectacular sunsets in Phuket. They light up the evening sky as if a wizard releases golden fire from his staff. Breathtaking!

I have been there to see the wonders of the water and the lush chocolate- drop hills. Some of the towns are a single mans’ dream, filled with golden-skinned beauties with their laughter and smiles and easy ways.

Being married, I could only walk the streets at night a few times just to think of my youth.

Other beaches attract families and you can meet people from all over the world at their best. The Thai people have a way of bring out the best in everyone. They are famous for their smiles and helpfulness. It really is true that they are among the happiest people I’ve ever met.

I picture scenes of Thailand for a few minutes and find my mind relaxed and ready to continue. Then it’s back to my world of my tiny room with the small window and the story I am creating. I sometimes write for hours with short breaks to rest my mind. If I am editing then my room feels more like a prison or corporate cubicle, but the edit must be done—not for me but for the reader. When I think of them (the readers) then the editing becomes easier and my world expanse again. The world I am working on takes on a new life. If not for readers where would I be? I do owe it to them to give them the best I can do. I’m one of them.

I love to read and see the worlds of other writers and I take special care to see if they have taken the time to make their works with the reader in mind.

I hope you are enjoying my short tales of Thailand and a bit about what I do. I always love to hear the thoughts of others and it makes my day to read the comments from you. So tell me whatever you wish. I will listen.

12 responses to “Phuket and a Writer’s Life

  1. This post was beautiful to read. You have a poet’s voice when you describe Phuket, and I can see you really like where you live. Being one who loves to travel, I always enjoy hearing about other people’s experiences in places that is not native to them. I am discovering Thailand via your blog, and I like what I see via your pictures. Beautiful orchids by the way. 🙂

    • Thank you for visiting, Natasha.You’re words mean a lot to me. I too enjoy reading and learning more about the world and the people who live in different places. BTW I really enjoy your blog. And you commitment to making your book right before you publish. Many authors can learn from your example. The readers deserve quality in wiriting and the way it is presented! That’s something I’ve made a pledge to do as well. Best of luck with your new book!

  2. Dannie, as you’re probably aware, Phuket made such an impression on me that I wrote it into my book. It is a breathtaking place and one of the nicest beaches I’ve ever visited. In other countries, I would’ve hated a crowded beach because there were too many tourists. In Phuket, it was wonderful to be amongst the Thai people.

    Thailand is a country rich in orchids and beaches, and so much more. As always, thank for sharing these glimpses into your life.


    • Thank you, Eden. Yes I knew you had been to Phuket and it was included in you next book. I look forward to reading what takes place there. You’ve been one of the most support people I’ve had the pleasure to get to know. Your writing is amazing. I’m really happy to know you and see you enjoying my little post!

    • Lamar. There will always be a place for you here, my best friend! I miss you. Hope all is well at home. Thank you for reading. I’ll take you to Phuket we we can go look in the window of the candy stores, LOL.

  3. Headed to Thailand this week, and from your beautiful descriptions, I can’t wait. I can tell that Thailand and her people have touched your heart. Thank you for sharing that love with us.

  4. Jan. I hope you have a great time and that you’ll tell me about it. There is heavy flooding all over Thailand right now but for the most part the Thai’s take it in stride. Shouldn’t be a problem for you. Have fun and thank you for commenting here!

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