Fire Breathing Thai

We spent two months in Thailand seeing wonders of that
great country and waiting for all the proper paperwork to go through. I was
taking my bride home—my home.

To speed things up I had to—through a Thai man versed
in getting things done—buy the police chief of a big city a refrigerator. I
couldn’t believe it either—but it worked. I was slowly learning the ways of the
world but I didn’t care. I was in love with an exotic beauty and our wait was
filled with never-ending pleasures and beauty. I’m talking about Thai food, the
people and the country, among other things!

With my beauty as my guide I saw spectacular beaches,
jungle covered mountains, streams where elephants lazed as they took relief
from the heat, monks receiving alms at sunrise and I never once worried about
what was to come.

Julee didn’t let on but she was terrified to leave her
homeland with the man she loved, not really knowing much about him and where she
was going. Through the years I came to see what a commitment she undertook.
Always brave and my guiding light she is the stronger of us and often lends me
her strength.

We stopped in Hawaii for a week and I had to keep
telling her my home was much different than this place that reminded her of
home. I’m from North Carolina and it was late November. I hadn’t been home for
more than two years and the family was waiting to welcome me and my bride.

We landed at Douglas Airport in Charlotte and in those
days you had to walk from the plane across the tarmac to the terminal. It was
freezing. I felt Julee pull her hand from mine and when I looked, her hands
were covering her mouth. She was staring at me in wonder when I ask what was
wrong. She pointed at my breath as it steamed into a cloud right before her
eyes. She started to say something but it happened to her too and she refused
to lower her hands or talk.

We had no warm cloths so we were both freezing by the
time we made into the terminal and the waiting arms of my family. My mom had
brought us both heavy coats to put on. She asked me what was wrong because she
wanted to see the face of her new daughter. When I explained that Julee had
never seen her breath before everyone started laughing but then hugged her in
welcome. Thank goodness I had talked to Julee about American greetings several
times to forewarn her. Thai’s don’t touch unless they are the best of friends
or parents.

She lowered her hands and was so relieved not to see
the steam pouring out of her mouth and to look upon the smiles that were happy
to see her. My family took her in right from the start and made all the
arrangements for our wedding, reception and meeting the extended family. My
respect grew more and more for my mom and dad.

Over the next month my brother, Ben, and I took her to
see sights she never dreamed of. We went to the mountains and Julee stepped in
snow for the first time. We went to all the malls, movies and everywhere I
could think of to show her this new world.

Now we’re back home in Thailand after more than thirty
years and my little American wife misses the USA. But as always she puts up
with whatever just to make me happy.

I do hope you enjoyed this look into a writer’s life in
Thailand. Leaving comment is a way for me to know you and to know if I’ve
pleased you with my little stories!

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13 responses to “Fire Breathing Thai

  1. What a delightful post – I love this one Dannie! I thought you were going to talk about the hot Thai food, but you tricked me!

    It’s a beautiful story and makes me yearn for Thailand and its people. Julee sounds amazing 😉


    • I’m really glad you like it, Eden. Wasn’t trying trick you but had to come up with a catchy title. I am a lucky man! Blogging is more fun than I though it ould be. So many interesting people stop by! Thank you.

  2. I agree with Eden above – what a beautiful love story, and Thailand sounds more and more enchanting to me, as well as your beautiful wife :).

    I went to Langkawi a couple fo years ago and absolutely loved it. I look forward to reading more of your stories about your life in Thailand and in the USA – all these small cultural differences are what made our world so interesting, full of wonders and surprises.

    Great blog and keep them coming 🙂

    • Thank you, Junying. I’m really happy that so many people from around the world are reading and liking my post. It amazes me. I’ve never been to Langkawi but have been to Panang Island in Malaysia. It was beautiful and the people were so surprisingly friendly. I’m full of stories– or so I’ve been told, ha! So I’ll keep them coming,

    • Thank you, Kathy. I’m not sure how lucky Julee is but I certainly am. I am so happy you like my book. It does a writer’s heart good to hear such great things said about his work! I can’t wait to read Red Mojo Mama!

  3. I have absolutely enjoyed reading the love story between you and your lovely wife! I have an aunt who moved to the US only speaking Spanish and married a German who only spoke German. They communicated with hand signals and smiles but they loved each other so much. They both learned English and were married for a lot of years. She nursed him through his Parkinson’s until he died. I admire your story because you have a special bond with your wife. It transcends language, culture, and so much man-made stuff. In my eyes, it can only be explained as divine 🙂

    • Thank you for your warm comments, Lili. And a great story about you aunt! Julee and I do have a special relationship and it took me many years to realize what I had in her. These post I’m doing are bringing it back to me about how lucky I am! We still communicate with hand signals– I’m usually ducking, lol. She’s a good woman and keeps me on the right road. I do think there is such a thing as a soul mate and I have been lucky enough to meet mine!

  4. Dannie, my friend…you are world-class in every sense of the phrase. Thanks for this sweet peek into your past, present, and future. I do hope I can visit you in this enchanting land one day. Cheers.

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  6. Before I started reading your post, I thought about the title and then I laughed out loud (did I actually spell that out?) when you made the connection. I also got to know you just a little more (and learned a little about Thai culture); I didn’t know you were originally from North Carolina. Very entertaining and informative post, Dannie. Cheers!

  7. It’s the old bait and switch of titles, LOL- Takes too long to spell that out, Ha! Yeah, I’m an imported Texan but keep that down when I’m in town. Thanks for commenting, Rob!

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