Many post to follow.

What you see now is me working out the kinks in my site. I still have much to learn and many things to say. I hope you will enjoy.

I never, ever thought I would be blogging. Not because of lack of things to say– I’m full of stuff, lol– but living so far away from people I know and care for… Well, I didn’t think there would be an interest. I’ve had great response on Twitter and FB about the article I wrote for Lee Libro and the interview I did with Lorna Suzuki. They inspire me.

I’m a novelist and learning to do short subjects isn’t easy for a long-winded guy like me, but I am learning. I hope you will comment often just so I’ll get to meet you!

Get ready for A Writer in Thailand!!! I be back soon with articles I hope you will enjoy!

2 responses to “Many post to follow.

  1. Dannie I’m happy to see that you’ve started blogging. It’s yet another source for you to create, and also one that will open up your mind to new ideas. As I was writing a blog post, the idea for the next one, and the next, seem to come out of nowhere. It’s fun and it helps to keep the creative juices flowing. I really need to get back to mine. I look forward to reading yours everyday. Glad you took that leap! Happy blogging friend!

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